How To Lose Belly Fat Exercises Or Diet

Are you looking for an exercise that will help you lose belly fat and get that ripped 6 pack? The perfect abs that you have been dreaming of? Do you think that perfect abs are natural and in someones genetics?

Your belly is like a billboard to the World. What does it say?

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If you are overweight or obese then one of the main focus areas of your problem is your belly. Depending on the way your body distributes your fat cells, usually it is either your belly fat, or your generous behind that acts like a billboard to the world.

But what does the billboard say? Does it say “I am lazy!” Or “I am hopelessly addicted to junk food!”…

…Maybe you think it says “I just haven’t found the right abs machine on the shopping channel yet!”….

…Or even worse “I just have big bones” Or “All my family are stocky or cuddly!”

So, where does the answer lie in relation to getting your belly fat problem under control? Usually when we think of “six-pack abs” and “surfboard stomachs” we have a picture in our minds of stunningly fit and beautiful people on the shopping television channel that are singing the praises of the latest exercise machine. Do you think that they own one in “real life?” If they do it was probably a gift for being on the show…

Let me ask you a belly fat loss question… Have you heard of, or tried:

  • The “Interstellar Abs Pro” machine?
  • The “1 second abs secret formula”?
  • How about the washboard stomach in 4 days program?

I have news for you. The first bit of news is that I just made these 3 things up from the top of my head.

The second bit of news is that I struggled to find some fake sounding programs to make my point…

They were all taken!! I had to choose 1 second abs because I found plenty of references to 1 minute abs, 30 second or even 6 second abs! I didn’t want to upset anyone, if they can fix their abs in 6 seconds or 30 seconds then they would have plenty of time on their hands to get on my case for copying their idea.

(NB1 If you have a product with these names then my apologies, send me an email and I will change the name for something similar).

(NB2 If you want to use one of these names for a new product, no need to pay me just back link to this article and remember me when you are famous).

The third piece of news is that I don’t believe there is any exercise that can help you unless you change your diet!

The brutal truth if you want to lose belly fat

If you want to get a flat stomach, or if you want to try to build some impressive abs, you have to do something about your body fat first. I mean, I have seen pictures of awesome abs, but how awesome would they need to be to break through a wall of blubber?

It’s just not going to happen, sorry.

So if you are searching for “perfect abs exercise secrets” then you might find that the biggest secret is that developing a 6 pack is not about exercise. Losing the fat has to be your top priority if you want to start to find your muscles.

In some cases finding the muscles can be like finding a needle in a fat stack! Sorry…

Until your body fat is down to 10-15% I wouldn’t even think about chasing the 6 pack dream. Stay on the fundamentals of exercising regularly, avoiding processed foods and white carbs, plenty of rest and relaxation, good sleep patterns, trying not to poison yourself too much with alcohol cigarettes, pollution etc.

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