Effective Inner Thigh Workout – Know about it 

When you consider inner thigh workout, ensure that whatever you choose fits your unique situation and goals. Learning to do it properly can be daunting but with perseverance, you will reap positive rewards. Below are examples of inner thigh workout:

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Scissor Legs Planks

Start by getting in a full plank position. Each foot should be placed on a gliding disc, paper plate or folded towel. Stabilize your upper body and open your legs as wide as they can go. Slowly squeeze your inner thighs while sliding your feet together. Complete 2 sets of 15 reps; as needed, rest in between.

Inner-Thigh Blaster

Start by standing forearms distance away from a countertop or a sturdy chair. Use right hand to hold on lightly. With feet hip-distance apart, point toes straight ahead. Between your thighs, place a small, soft ball or pillow. Place your left hand on your hip, while lifting you heels and balancing on the balls of your feet. With bent knees, lower approximately an inch. Press your inner thighs into the ball and keep shoulders stacked over hips. Your hips should be stacked over your ankles, while keeping core tight.

Raise your hips up again, while bringing your left arm overhead. Use your inner thigh to squeeze the ball or pillow. Repeat by lowering an inch. Complete 30 reps on both sides.

Criss-Cross Power Jacks

These moves effectively target the inner-thigh muscles, while engaging the entire body and raising the heart rate.

Start by standing with your feet together and inhaling deeply. While exhaling, jump your feet out widely and cross your arms overhead. Next, cross your right leg in front of you left, while your right arm crosses over your left at chest level. Repeat immediately, changing sides each time.

For best results, choose an inner thigh workout that will tone, strengthen and firm, while burning fat.

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