Does CBD really help you with inflammation support? 

CBD oils make up 40 percent of all cannabis plant extracts. However, they do not cause a psychoactive high, as it does not contain the THC compound that gives users a “HIGH” feeling. A long list of medical studies has revealed its health benefits, including treating anxiety, inflammation, sleep disorders, relieving pain, arthritis, and supporting a healthy heart through regulation of the blood pressure. When it comes to CBD oil and inflammation, CBD is known to primarily relieve inflammation in the heart. CBD oil Canada has become extremely popular in treating certain ailments because it is natural. Compared to other pharmaceutical drugs that are made in laboratories, CBD oils are more popular and have fewer side effects. 

What is inflammation?

To understand how effective CBD oil is for different types of inflammation, it is important to understand what inflammation is, the factors that contribute to inflammation, and its symptoms. Inflammation is usually caused by the immune system’s response to the initiation of an infection or a reaction to an injury. It’s basically how the body tells the immune system to begin the process of healing and repairing damaged body tissue. The body also uses inflammation as a way to defend itself against invaders, such as viruses and bacteria. Inflammation becomes a concern if it lasts for a long time in places that are not needed. 

Why can CBD be an effective treatment for inflammation?

CBD and inflammation are two words that often go together, as CBD has been observed to be an effective treatment for inflammation. Whether the inflammation is a symptom of an underlying disease or is a disease itself, CBD has been shown to play a therapeutic role. This means that it helps mediate the immune response associated with diseases that arise from autoimmunity, such as injury. According to studies, CBD also fights inflammation by exerting an effect that is more immunosuppressive on macrophages, which are the cells responsible for inflammation. CBD also reduces chronic inflammatory pain associated with inflammation by activating receptors. CBD has also been seen to help control blood pressure.

What types of inflammation can CBD oil help with?

Acute inflammation and chronic inflammation: there are 2 primary types of inflammation. Inflammation is usually a symptom of an underlying problem, such as an injury. In such cases, the immune system will work to fight off any bacteria or viruses that may be present at the point of injury, resulting in what is known as acute inflammation. A study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology analyzed the efficacy of CBD in relieving acute inflammation and concluded that CBD had positive effects on rats and humans.

Syndromes and inflammatory bowel diseases

Studies on the use of CBD in patients with IBS and IBD have shown some improvement. CBD may offer therapeutic value in treating this condition because CBD receptors are associated with the nerve cells that control visceral pain. Second, there are links between IBS and anxiety, and studies have shown that CBD can alleviate anxiety in both humans and animals. CBD products are available in different forms, and some of these are better suited for treating inflammatory diseases.

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