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A story of heroic proportions, the recent movie “300” recreates the famous tale of Spartan soldiers who held off a monstrous Persian horde. Led by their king Leonidas, the Spartans were only 300 men who blocked the pass of Thermopylae to prevent the Persians from entering into Greece. If you have not seen this move, I highly recommend it.

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The star role of Leonidas was played by Gerald Butler, but the entire cast looked the part. Not only were all the actors in outstanding shape, they all had amazing rock hard abs. When I first saw the film, I was of course wondering what super bodybuilding exercises they used to get that look. They appeared to be flexed – all the time!

But heres a little secret: those abs aren’t real. A movie with such a budget as this one can afford to hire the best animators in the business. I mean, I have seen some photos of the cast off set, and they do not have abs like those in the film. Sure they have a six pack, but not the constantly flexed look that was seen in the movie.

The real formula for getting stunning rock hard abs lies in two simple words: “diet” and “workout”. To build those abdominal muscles, you have to work your midsection correctly. Then you have to get rid of all the subcutaneous fat through diet so that your abs can be displayed.

To find out some real bodybuilding exercises for chiseled abs, we must turn to stars of the muscle building community and share their secrets.

While the abdominals are perhaps the most noticeable muscle in your midsection, they are only one of several that make up your core. Obliques and lower back muscles are important as well. You should work all the muscles in your core.

Core Workout

The essential bodybuilding exercises you need for great abs.

Sit Ups

the question of whether or not you should ever do full sit ups is still up in the air. Depending on your trainer, you may be told that these exercises are very important, while others maintain that you only need partial sit ups. These crunches still contract the abs and build them up.

Almost all of the great bodybuilding champions performed a large variety of sit ups. This includes flat bench, incline, decline, and compound (twisting while sitting up). However, they also did simple crunches to help further tone their abs.

Decline Board Sit Ups

three sets of 50 reps, with compound sit ups as the last set.


pretty much the same as above, but with crunches instead of the full sit up motion. Three sets of 50 reps, with compound crunches as the final set.

Leg Raises

although these are often overlooked, they are great for working out the lower abdominals.

Decline Board Leg Raises

three sets of 50; keep legs straight for the first two rounds, and on the third bring knees to the chest alternately

Chinning Bar Leg Raises

20 reps for three sets while hanging at arms length from a chin up bar.

Side Bends with Dumbbells

get ready for a back workout! This set of bodybuilding exercises will work your front and rear obliques as well as the small of your back. Aim for three sets of 50 on each side (100 total), then do three sets holding the the dumbbell behind your legs for a rear oblique workout.

Roman Chair Reverse Sit Ups – these target the lower back and rear obliques. Three sets of 25, with the last being compound. This means your torso should twist as your raise to the contraction.

The Pre-Contest Diet

The Iron Guru, aka Vince Gironda, came up with this diet plan. As he is probably the most well known and respected champion bodybuilder trainer of all time, you should pay attention! His famous claim is that “bodybuilding is 80% diet”.

Be warned that this diet is only intended to be used for a short period of time. I have outlined the first part of the diet here, which may be undertaken for five or more cycles to reduce subcutaneous fat. If you are really looking to get rid of most of your body fat, then follow this diet with the outlined bodybuilding exercises from above.

Days 1 through 4

Consume foods high in useable protein, such as poultry, eggs, meat and fish. Try as hard as possible to eat as close to zero carbohydrates as you can.

Day 5

Eat a balanced diet. This means 25% calories from protein, 40% from carbs, and the remainder from fibers and fat.

Supplements: wheat germ oil, lipotropic amino acids (inositol, choline, betane), kelp tablets, desiccated liver, and protein powder taken with raw milk.

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