What Is BitTorrent And How To Create Your Private BitTorrent?

BitTorrent is a file transfer protocol that allows you to share or download large files at high speed. Its use is not only restricted to downloading files, but you can also download applications, video, images, music, etc. it is a peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol, which means computers download and upload the same torrent between each other. If you load the .torrent file into the computer of your BitTorrent client, your PC will automatically join the BitTorrent swarm with another computer that has downloaded the same.

How BitTorrent works?

BitTorrent needs to make contact with the tracker in the torrent file. The tracker will track all the connected computers with the swarm. As the tracker gets to know about the swarm computer, it will share your IP address with another computer in the swarm. The process of download is completed in small pieces. 

If your BitTorrent has downloaded enough bits, it starts sharing it with other computers connected with the swarm. This process is called seeding. The more the seeders, the faster the download process will be. So if you want to download a file through BitTorrent, you need to install a BitTorrent client on your computer.

To Get More Info, begin by finding a BitTorrent client and some minutes to set it correctly, and after that, you can share your files and documents with as many users as you like.

Things you will need

  • Files or documents you want to share
  • A torrent client such as BitTorrent
  • An open port on your router
  • Your external IP address

You have to first open a port on your router to figure out port forwarding. For this, you need to access the router page on a web browser. After accessing the router page, select a port that you want to forward.

Enabling the port in BitTorrent

Open qBittorent and choose the tools option in the menu

For torrent to be seeded, navigate through all options and select advanced. After this, scroll down to the embedded tracker port.

If you don’t choose the private torrent option, then it will result in creating a public torrent that is visible to all, and anyone can use this to download the files.

How to create your private torrent using qBittorent?

If you get sick of low internet connection speed and don’t want to use services like cloud storage to share your files and documents, there is a simpler way: creating your private torrent through qBittorent. To Get More Info read below:

  • Open BitTorrent; from the tools menu, select the torrent creator option. You could see a pop-up window on your screen.
  • Select the files or folder in which your content is located; you wish to upload
  • The program asks you to choose the folder to save the torrent file on your computer.

  • Enable options like a private torrent, optimize alignment, start seeding immediately
  • The next step is to start looking for your external IP address. For fast search, You can do it by searching for “what is my IP address.” Google will display your external IP address on your screen within few seconds. 
  • Copy your public IP address and paste it in the “tracker URLs” field in the required format
  • The last step is to click on the create torrent and wait for the completion of the process. It might take some time to create the torrent. The time taken may also depend upon the number and size of your files. 

Once the progress bar reaches 100%, it means your private torrent is ready to use. Now you can close the pop-up window anytime. 

How to share the private torrent using qBitorrent?

Once you created the torrent, save the torrent file immediately. After this, you can share the file with any number of people you like. For security, you can use encryption for important files and messages.

Is it secure to share files via bitorrent?

The security may largely depend on the type of files you are sharing and how it is shared. Make sure that your network operator can see what you are sharing and seeding. If you want to Get More Info, you can try it personally.


Creating your private torrent is the best way to Get More Info and share tons of gigabyte files or content without uploading it on cloud storage services.

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