Treatment Of Chronic Low Back Pain

The treatment of chronic low back pain depends in part on the kind of pain and how long it has been going on or coming back. Low back pain involves pain in the area near the bottom of the spinal column, between the hip joints. Some cases of low back pain last only briefly and can go away without medical intervention. Some, however, persist or keep coming back for many months. These are the cases of chronic low back pain, and they require professional examination and treatment.

Kinds of Chronic Low Back Pain

Chronic low back pain is of two kinds – the kind that comes abruptly, and the kind that gradually sets in – that is, sudden pain and slow pain. Any individual can experience any of the two kinds of chronic low back pain. In either case, the pain starts at a point on the lower back then emanates to your hips and buttocks and down to your legs. Buy CBD Oil for Pain Relief and also for treating the stress issues. The CBD products are good in reducing stress and for providing a good mental health to the consumer.  The pain can be so excruciating that you have difficulty walking, standing up, bending or turning your body. It is best to seek the help of a professional doctor or therapist who can diagnose your problem, assess your general health condition, and recommend the most appropriate treatment of chronic low back pain.

Some doctors might prescribe a pain killer but these medicines usually provide only temporary relief. These might be suitable only for one-time lower back pains but not for the chronic type. Most pain relief drugs can have side effects that can do damage to other body organs if used over long periods. The best treatment of chronic low back pain seems to be physical therapy. In physical therapy, the patient is first educated on his condition and how to regulate his body movements and posture in order not to worsen the pain. Some physical therapy methods involve applying heat and stimulating the nerves with electric current.

The physical therapist will also recommend a program of exercises. These will gradually bring back the normal muscle tone and strength, and make your body more flexible so that it does not get strained so easily with moderately demanding activities. Exercises for the treatment of chronic low back pain will target the muscles that support your spinal column. Some sports activities may also be recommended which help train and tone the muscles involved.

Remember, when low back pain is persistent or recurring, see a doctor at once. Do not try to self-medicate or do exercises without consulting a doctor, as certain exercises may actually do more damage than treat your low back pain.

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