Tommy Chong Becomes Marijuana Brand Ambassador

Tommy Chong has noticed that something is missing from the emerging cannabis industry — a well-known brand.

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The 76 year old actor who was just recently on “Dancing with the Stars” is synonymous with the drug. One half of the 1970’s stoner comedy duo Cheech & Chong, the actor has never lost the hippie, stoner persona. In fact, it has gotten him into trouble. He has a line of pipes and bongs and Mr. Chong got in trouble for selling them over state lines via his business’s website, landing him behind bars in 2004.

Now he plans to make waves in the market by introducing Chong Star, his own brand of marijuana. Chongwater is another product he and Colorado dispensary owner Mike Stetler plan on putting out on the market. This will be a THC-infused drink. Clothing wipes that can get the smell of pot out of your clothes is yet another item that will be for sale. There is also a plan in the works with Dutch company Futurola to fashion a rolling machine called “Chongrola” which crafts the giant-sized joints the movie and TV star is famous for. Chong is in talks with a hedge fund regarding the Cheech & Chong cannabis brand, he said in an interview with Forbes.

Many can see how he’d be a great face to slap onto recreational marijuana, but what about medical? Actually, Chong claims to have beat prostate cancer some years past with the help of cannabis oil. Though he admits he’s made some mistakes, the celebrity said his legal issues in the past made him an even stronger cannabis advocate today. He told Forbes, “I had to go through some trials and tribulations. But now, I’m going to be the Sam Walton of pot.” He refers to the entrepreneur business monolith who founded Walmart and Sam’s Club.

Chong says that once the market becomes more consistent, brand loyalty will drive sales. As legalization spreads, Chong believes they will become the leading brand all across the nation. Once it is legal here, the rest of the world is bound to follow, providing further opportunities. Chong says, “I predict within two years, it’ll be totally legal, and then the whole rest of the world will fall in line. And we’ll be the Starbucks of pot, eventually.”

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