How I Found The Right Way To Do A Colon Cleanse And How You Can Too

Different people have different bodies, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that what works for one person won’t work for everyone. I found that out myself when I tried a few different ways to embark on a light colon cleansing regimen – just enough to make sure everything was in working order. There’s a lot of colon cleansing information out there and for those trying to lose weight, it is important that they choose the best rated weight loss pills as most of the weight loss pills out there in the market are not that good for the colon, and it took me a long time to sort through it all. Here are the highlights of what I’ve learned from looking and personal experience!

Enemas seemed like the first place to start, so I tried a few different kinds. Coffee ones, besides being just plain a waste of good coffee, turn out to be not that great for your electrolyte balance. In fact, plain water seems to work as well as anything else, but it’s not a magical cure-all.

I also tried a few colons cleanse laxative supplements. Well, they definitely worked… sort of! Some of them have reputations of actually causing the symptoms they’re supposed to prevent. And I found it hard to tell between the good ones and the bad ones since there are just so many of them out there.

Just when I’d tried everything else, I decided to give herbs ago. A few plants for general health never hurt anyone, right? That was where I had my personal breakthrough. Some Indian gooseberry and Eclipta alba every once in a while not only improved my digestive health, it also improved my overall mood and soothed my throat!

Now, other people have reported entirely different reactions to some of the colons cleanse products I’ve tried. Heck, some people have even had the same solution I settled on and complained about nothing happening. It just goes to show that each body is unique to itself, and we can’t give up on getting our bodies working right, just because it takes a little experimenting. Without that addition to my diet for colon cleansing, I wouldn’t be the man I am today.

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