Coffee Drinkers Helping Send Kids To Camp

As many as 14,000 deserving children will attend a special camp this year thanks to Tim Hortons customers; also, just how well is McCafé doing so far?

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Tim Hortons announced late last week that just one day of coffee sales has made it possible for the company to raise $9.4 million (US) to send some very lucky kids on the adventure of a lifetime.

Stores company wide hosted a “Camp Day” last Wednesday, committing all coffee sales and money raised through special events to send kids from disadvantaged homes to camps put on by the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation. More than 3,400 stores across the US and Canada participated and the company couldn’t be more excited about the results.

“Thank you to all of the Tim Hortons owners and their dedicated staff, media, special guests, and above all the customers for buying a cup of coffee and participating in the many Camp Day activities,” said Bill Moir, Tim Hortons Children’s Foundation president. “We are truly amazed at the outpouring of generosity from Tim Hortons customers and each year this event continues to surpass everyone’s expectations.”

The foundation estimates that one in six children across the US and Canada live in economically disadvantaged homes. Children from each community where a Tim Hortons store is located are chosen each year to attend one of the camps. Once they’re there, counselors help them focus on challenging activities that give the campers a positive outlook and teach them to practice goal setting.

There are five Tim Hortons camps across Canada and one in Campbellsville, Kentucky. Each features kid-centric adventure activities like ropes courses, a climbing tower, water sports, and mountain biking. I’m jealous – they look like great fun! Congratulations to all those kids who’ll truly get to have the adventure of a lifetime this summer.

An early look at McCafé’s sales

Just how well is the new McCafé campaign helping McDonald’s sell espresso? According to the Chicago Tribune, same-store sales are up 5.1 percent company wide. But before those of you who own stock in the Golden Arches get too excited, know that the majority of those sales are up internationally and not domestically.

In the US, where the company recently spent $100 million to beef up its push to promote McCafé, same-store sales are only up 2.8 percent. Last year at this time, McDonald’s reported a 4.3 percent pick up in US same-store sales thanks to their new Southern Style chicken sandwiches.

So does this mean Americans aren’t embracing the McCafé concept like the company has been banking on? Not necessarily, says Morningstar analyst RJ Hottovy. He told the paper it’s possible that last year’s government stimulus checks may have helped McDonald’s bring in big sales in May 2008 (uh, yeah, cause I know I spent my stimulus check on a couple of Big Macs) and that other coffee retailers recent discounts may be to blame.

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