Speed Up Metabolism With Laser Weight Loss

Laser weight loss (LWL)is so popular today. It uses cold laser to speed up metabolism and in promoting weight loss. Other term for laser weight loss is laser acupuncture, light therapy or cold laser. It uses ancient Chinese method of acupuncture however, it does not use acupuncture pins. Instead of pins, it uses cold laser to pinpoint the fat areas. Cold laser is a low intensity and non thermal radiation which is relatively safe and painless.

Dr. Hardik Soni’s NJ Center for CoolSculpting will speed the level of metabolism of the people. There are no radiations available to the people without pain. There is no intensity available to the people at the specific and safe measures.

The cold laser points at the fat cells and creates a hole in the fat cells. The oil from the fat cells is then spilled out. Afterwards, the oil is automatically burned off and is then excreted. The results now are fat removal and a more sculptured body.

Laser Weight Loss vs. Liposuction

Liposuction is a popular surgery which makes an incision to remove the fats in your body. However, laser weight loss does not require surgery. Only the beams of light are used to burn the fats. Between the two, laser weight loss is considered much safer since there will be no incision involved. However, the effectiveness of laser weight loss still needs more studies unlike liposuction which can really get rid of fats.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Laser weight loss has its advantages and disadvantages. Some advantages of laser weight loss may include:

Laser weight loss is painless and non invasive. Unlike bariatric surgeries, laser weight loss is painless and anyone who undergoes this procedure will not feel any pain.

Your body will become more sculptured since the laser beam targets the fat cells.

Laser is also good in curing back pain and healing wounds.

Some disadvantages of laser weight loss may include:

The effectiveness of laser weight loss still needs more study. This non surgical procedure is very new and the effectiveness is still in question. More research is needed to know if this is effective.

Not all people are good candidates for this non surgical procedure. It is true that people who are overweight can try this but those who are obese and have excessive visceral fats may not be good candidates since they may not be able positive results.

Other Effects of LWL

Other effects of laser weight loss may include:

Laser can boost digestion and metabolism. Boosting your metabolism is important when you want to lose weight. It will make the conversion of fats to energy much easier. Likewise, it will make you feel full longer thus minimizing the possibility of unnecessary cravings.

Laser can also uplift the mood of a person. This is especially important especially when you are getting anxious because of your weight issues.

Safety of LWL

According to U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA), laser weight loss uses low-level laser devices which do not pose any hazard to patients. However, it is important that protective eyewear be used during the procedure.


In the end, laser weight loss still needs an in-depth study in regards to its effectiveness. You can check other option of weight loss method like Fat Loss Factor Program. This program is popular and effective in helping you lose weight.

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