Five Wart Home Removal Remedies

Warts are brought by Human Papillomavirus (HPV). There are several types of warts this virus can cause, ranging from genital warts, plantar warts, facial warts and hand warts. This viral condition may spread from a part of the body to other body parts, but typically not through contact with different people. Human Papillomavirus quickly penetrates the skin by way of cuts. So the people who are more prone to this condition are the ones often get exposed to the virus by walking barefoot on pools and other damp areas that are for pubic usage.

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Warts appear like a cauliflower; it is rough and has a pinkish/red spot which are basically capillary vessels that nourish the wart. If they are left untreated, they spread in clusters.

How To Eliminate Warts: Wart Home Removal Remedies

The Tea Tree Oil Remedy

Tea tree oil offers a variety of good uses and one of them is in curing warts. It is an antiseptic which helps prevent any possible infections that may arise, and shortly soothes the skin and clears away the ongoing infection.

With that being said, you will really need tea tree oil to treat your wart. Use a cotton swab to apply the oil on the afflicted area twice a day. The warts may then disappear in a week time or so after regular application of the oil.

Duct Tape

The popular duct tape remedial measure! Cut a piece of duct tape and put it on the wart. Replace it each day. What it most likely does to the wart, is that it gives warm environment which soften the skin, and thereby making it easy for you to eliminate the wart. Peel off the tape gently and soak the afflicted area to the water after taking the duct tape. Perform these steps regularly until the wart is completely removed.

Garlic Wart Treatment

Not only can garlic serve as a hair-loss remedy, it is also a very good remedy to cure warts. It is as simple as this: peel and cut the garlic clove to half. Rub chopped garlic to the afflicted spot two to three times a day.


Rub the banana peel to the afflicted spot, then with the use of a duct tape, attach the peel of banana to the afflicted spot. Leave it overnight.

Apple Vinegar

Dip a ball of cotton in a vinegar solution and put it towards the afflicted spot with a tape or band aid. Leave it on overnight and you will notice a disappearance of the wart in a few weeks. This could also be done with lime juice or alcohol, they both work in a same manner.

Many of the removal home remedies you can find in the internet are amazing, but most of them can be painful, can cause scars, or take a lot of time to work.

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