The Simple Guide to Choosing the Best CBD Oil for Dogs

As any owner would agree, dogs deserve the best of everything in the world. However, this goes beyond just the fancy bed and the good treats. It is essential that owners take care of their dog’s health too, and CBD oil can be the answer to alleviating and preventing many of the problems that one’s furry friend may face. Here is a simple guideline to help one visit and understand all about CBD oil.

CBD Oil – What is It

CBD oil refers to derivatives of cannabis suspended in an oil formulation. It is important to note that these products are completely devoid of THC, which produces the negative psychological and physical effects of taking the product. Thus, CBD products are stripped of all bad compounds and leave only the good stuff for dogs to consume.

Why Oil?

There are many forms that CBD comes in, including ointments and pills. When it comes to dogs, however, an oil product is the best for owners, and here are a few reasons why –

Unlike pills, CBD oil can be easily mixed with food or given straight to the dog without worrying about choking or having the pet spit the pill out. Thus, the medicine administration becomes simple, easy, and effective.

Oils get dissolved into the system easily and thus provide a fast-acting option that provides quick benefits. This can be especially helpful if the dog has problems with pain issues due to an injury.

Unlike pills, oil can be administered at the discretion of the owner. This means that if one feels that the dosage is too small or big, it can be adjusted without crushing up pills or forcing two or more pills down a dog’s throat. This step, however, must always be taken in consultation with a vet.

As can be seen, there are many good reasons why CBD oil is a better choice for dogs than other CBD offerings present in the market.

When to Give CBD Oil to Dog?

While humans use CBD as a supplement, conclusive evidence does not exist about whether it can be a part of a dog’s daily routine in such a manner. However, there are some situations where CBD can help dogs, as personal experiences of dog owners and studies suggest. Here are some situations to visit –

CBD is particularly potent in relieving anxiety. Thus, if the pet is undergoing severe stress or worry, just as the constant fireworks, a major life change such as a new house, or a new family member in the home, CBD can help reduce their anxiety and adjust better.

CBD oil may also be effective when a dog faces long-term or short-term pains, such as arthritis or an injury. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD not only reduce the sensation of pain but also promote faster healing.

If the dog has trouble eating food or displays symptoms of nausea, then CBD can be a good way of stimulating appetite and reducing these symptoms in pets.

Thus, CBD has many potentials to positively impact the lives of dogs and help them deal with a variety of problems in a calmer and pain-free manner.

Precautions to Keep in Mind

While CBD is surely a wonder product for both dogs and animals, there are a few precautions that one must keep in mind while using these products –

One should ensure that a pet is always given a specifically designed formulation for dogs, not human products. The dosage and concertation of these formulations are quite different, and human products may negatively impact dogs.

CBD must be introduced into a dog’s life with the supervision and consultation of a vet. It would be even better if the vet knows the dog’s medical history. This ensures that there are no missteps in dosage and other issues.

In some cases, CBD may produce some undesirable reactions in dogs, including drowsiness and dry mouth, or some more serious concerns. It is thus essential to monitor the dog’s health throughout.

With these pointers in mind, CBD can be safely introduced to dogs for their benefit.

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