How To Lose Arm Fat – Know The Essentials!!

Flabby arms can be embarrassing; especially when it´s hot and humid and those cute sleeveless tops of summer are “calling”. There´s little worse then finding that perfect tank-top or ideal swimsuit, only to find your flabby upper arms glaring back you in the changing room mirror! Ugh!

Never fear! Strengthening those arm muscles can be easier than you think. With a few minutes of regular exercise you can get your arms back into shape just in time for summer.

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But where does that flab come from?!

Well, if you´re carrying a few extra pounds around on your hips, shoulders, waist, legs and any other parts of the body then chances are some of that extra fat will settle on the back of your upper arms as well.

Or maybe you´ve lost a great deal of weight recently (Good for you!!). When this happens, you may also lose muscle tone in various parts of your body – your arms included.

If you used to work out and have stopped for what ever reason, the loss of muscle tone over time can also lead to the back of your arms looking flabby and out of shape.

Or perhaps you´ve always been on the slim side but notice your arms looking flabbier with each passing year. In that case, it´s time you added some regular arm exercises to your daily routine.

No matter the reason, flabby arms are unattractive and most of us would do anything to get rid of them.

Here are some simple ideas on how you can lose that arm fat for good. Practice them regularly and shapely, well-toned arms will be your reward.

Target the Muscle

When you think of losing arm fat you probably think of specific exercises to target those sagging triceps at the back of your arms. And you wouldn´t be wrong.

This traditional method of toning loose arm muscles works extremely well– particularly in conjunction with specific cardio exercises.

Following a targeted workout including exercises like pull-ups, pushups, and weightlifting can have you sporting powerful, well-toned arms in no time. The key is doing the exercises regularly.

If you´ve never lifted weights – or at least not recently – then start slowly, doing a smaller number of reps with lower weights. Over time, as you get stronger and begin to feel the positive effects of targeted toning, you can increase the number of reps and add to the weight.

Why Go it Alone?

If you think you need to do rep after rep and lift weights until you turn blue in the face…relax! If weight lifting isn´t your sport of choice, no problem. There are tons of other sports you can do to help get rid of those flabby arms.

If you prefer the fun and excitement of team sports then go for it! Call a friend and make a regular date to play tennis. How about a family basketball game after dinner? Or have you ever thought about giving archery a try?

Choose a sport you enjoy and make a point of practicing it several times a week. Toning your arm muscles – in fact, your whole body – has never been so much fun!

Go for the Cardio

Cardiovascular exercise is extremely effective when it comes to burning extra calories and boosting fat loss. It not only protects your heart, it also tones your muscles. And that´s what we´re after here.

And don´t worry. If running or jogging aren´t your thing, there are lots of other cardio exercises you can choose from: jumping rope, step aerobics, walking, cycling – even jumping on a trampoline. Try to incorporate some kind of cardio workout in your daily routine and the flab on your arms will soon be a thing of the past.

1-2-3 Stretch!

A number one tip for trimming flabby arms is to do some stretching every day. Stretching exercises not only get your body´s muscles ready for work and increase the effectiveness of any workout routine, they´re also great calorie burners.

Include some targeted stretching in your daily activities and you´ll trim the flabbiness from your arms while strengthening the muscles in your shoulders, back and neck. You´ll stand taller, move more gracefully, and the overall affect will be a slimmer, trimmer you!

Hate push-ups Watch this short video to discover the best ways for losing those flabby arms without having to do a single push-up!

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