The Future Of Bitcoins

Bitcoin is a decentralized online currency backed by mathematics and cryptography rather than any kind of government entity. If you are new to Bitcoins and want a more in-depth explanation go here. For the already initiated I would like to welcome you to Business of Bitcoin! A blog dedicated to evaluating and exploiting the new opportunities that Bitcoin has created, besides this you can also go through torquebot review in order to learn more about bitcoins and their future.

Change is in the air. A change made possible by and as revolutionary as the internet itself. Entire industries are springing up overnight to accommodate the exponentially increasing demand for the anonymous Bitcoin currency all around the globe. When there is something that is going to change the world you’re sure as hell there is money changing hands and we’re here to help you get a chunk of it. The more Bitcoin is accepted and used the higher its value will go. Already in the past few years, the price has risen dramatically from .05$ to peaking at $288 and while the market is showing great volatility anyone with common sense can take a look at the long-term price charts and see a continuous upward trend. Instead of waiting for the next Apple stock, you should be watching Bitcoins.

With a Moving Average applied to the chart it is clear the current prices(hovering around $70) are going to go higher in the coming weeks as the market corrects for the most recent crash as it has consistently done in the past. It’s no trick, it’s just the magic of deflationary currency! Bitcoins are inherently deflationary in that they on average gain value over time unlike the United States Dollar or the Euro. Remember when you could buy a candy bar for a nickel? Me neither, unfortunately. Well, the reason everything is exponentially more expensive for us than it was for our parents and grandparents is due to the inflationary nature of our current paper currencies. This means that the money you store in the bank is currently losing value while money put into Bitcoins will gain value on average over time. This has never been done before in history and the results are speaking for themselves. The weak of heart should stay away from cryptocurrencies as they are in no way a sure thing or some get-rich-quick scheme. They ARE, however, a new frontier. The wild west proved where there was danger there was also gold and make no mistake, Bitcoins are the new gold rush. Keep reading and I can give you all the tools you need to cash in.

In future posts, we will be writing a series on market analysis and money making techniques to use with Bitcoin. Bitcoin fluctuates rapidly up and down daily and with new trading websites that offer percentage based fees as low as .2% per trade, you can make multiple trades for small amounts of money throughout the day with very little risk. Our first series will be on the merits of day trading Bitcoin but we will be talking about everything from building your own mining rigs to getting in on the Bitcoin ATM boom in later posts.

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