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This article is going to be a knowledgeable one to say the least because the pests are really nuisance pests in the literal sense especially now as the winter season is coming up so it becomes important to look up pest management services online and view their website to get to know more about how they operate in different houses but here we shall put everything in brief.

Besides to the penalties that can emerge from not handling pest issues, a number of pests also present a number of health dangers to you, your employees and your customers. The best way of addressing any issue is to have help from a pest management service provider.

But how does pest management work? In today’s blog, we’ll be taking you through the approaches we take in helping keep businesses pest free.

What is pest control?

What’s worth noting first is the fact that “pests” can relate to a number of different insects, arachnids and animals. It’s not simply a matter of cockroaches and spiders, but also the likes of rodents and even certain birds. Because the definition of what is and what isn’t a pest can be so broad, different pest management service providers may specialise in one area over another.

For example, one pest control company may deal primarily with termites whereas another may deal mostly with rodents. However, other pest management providers, such as us at Goode Pest Control, handle a number of pests. To give you an idea, some of the pests we help manage and remove from business premises include:

  • Fleas
  • Birds
  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders
  • Rodents

As a business, we are HACCP accredited, meaning we are certified to provide our services to businesses that deal with food handling or food preparation. Of course, we can also provide our services to a wealth of other industries, as well.

How pests are managed

While every pest management service provider will have their own approaches to pest control, all pest control professionals must adhere to set laws and legislations. Chief among any pest management operation is to ensure that pest management procedures are performed without presenting any health risks to those who work or reside in the property – from people to pets.

At Goode Pest Control, we believe all pest management, for both commercial and residential properties, can be achieved through 6 steps:

  1. Assessment – If you believe you have a pest problem, then having an initial assessment performed by a pest management professional is extremely important. The assessment will help identify the areas of concern that exist where pests could be gaining access to your property.
  2. Prevention – If you haven’t yet suffered a pest infestation, then managing pests may be easier to maintain. By knowing where pests are getting and monitoring their behaviour, preventative measures can then be put in place.
  3. Housekeeping – At Goode Pest Control, we believe housekeeping plays a large role in whether or not a pest problem will occur. If your business property is unclean or poorly maintained, pests will find their way in. Pests can also end up making their way in through the delivery of infested goods. We’ll help offer you tips on how to better maintain the overall health of your property.
  4. Physical barriers – Providing the problem isn’t too extreme, physical barriers can often be enough. This includes sealing up cracks and placing mesh barriers over open pipes and holes. The harder it is for pests to get inside, the better.

Treatment – Naturally, if these initial steps do not stop the issue or you’re suffering a severe infestation, we will turn to treating the entirety of your property both inside and out.

Reporting – With sophisticated equipment such as the ServicePro Barcode System, after completing our service, we will provide you with extensive reports regarding how we treated the pest problem and how effective it was. We can provide this information to you in physical printouts, electronically stored or available on our website for you via our client area.

The value of pest management

To put it simply, pest management is paramount to keeping your business and all those involved protected and up to code. As we noted, a pest problem not only presents potential financial consequences for your business, but severe health risks to anyone who is in your workplace.

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