How To Keep Autumn And Winter Pests Away From Your Home

Although we’re all sorry to see it go, it’s time to say goodbye to Summer. No more beer gardens, BBQs, or bouncy castles. But with the sun going in, surely our past troubles will be at an end; no self-respecting midge is going to fly around in the rain!

Unfortunately, the cooler months don’t mean you can stop your pest prevention methods; you should just be changing your strategy. Mice, rats, cockroaches, and spiders will be looking for shelter from the harsher weather, and your home is a prime target that is why here are some tips by Scramento’s famous rodent exterminators on how to keep your house safe from pests.

Cut Off Any Obvious Entry Points

Look for cracks or small holes around your skirting boards and windows, and fill these in with caulk to cut off pest entry completely. If you are struggling to find any gaps, get close to the walls for any indication of air or light coming through. If you discover any bigger, more obvious gaps, plug them with steel wool to prevent pest mice from biting through.

Make sure you also check behind your washing machine and dishwasher. When these machines are initially installed (or later repaired), the rear wall can sometimes be left unsealed, providing a huge entry point for pests to get into your home.

Keep Your House Dry

Most pests absolutely love moisture so it’s important to keep your home clean and dry. This goes especially for lofts and garages, which are more susceptible as they’re harder to air out. If this is the case, invest in a dehumidifier. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.

Keep On Top of Your Garden

Protecting your house starts with the exterior. As pests are so keen on moisture, they will often make their home in wet wooded areas of the garden, such as in heavy foliage or under firewood. Although there isn’t a great deal you can do to stop this, you should avoid making it easy for the bugs to jump out of the woodpile and into your home. Store any firewood at the opposite end of the garden and keep bushes short and tidy. Also, ensure that you dispose of the trimmed branches in the correct bin since leaving them on the floor is just as enticing for unwanted pests.

Don’t Give Them a Free Lunch

As well as shelter, pests will be looking for nourishment. Keep any loose food protected in containers rather than on the worktop, and keep your floors free of crumbs to discourage vermin from coming in. Regularly cleaning the kitchen, including sinks and food preparation areas should stop pests from finding anything to eat.

If All Else Fails, Give Us a Call

We’ve outlined the basics of good housekeeping to keep autumn and winter pests at bay, but if you’re still suffering, we can help! Hines Pest Control will identify the type of pest, as well as the extent of the problem, and will work quickly and humanely to return your life back to normality.

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