Common Household And Garden Pests In Australian Homes

While Australians get to enjoy great weather, sunny beaches, and the afternoon barbeque, there can be some things that make your skin crawl and your neck hairs stand to attention. Creepy crawlies and pests are quite common for many homeowners, and even those who are lucky enough to not suffer from arachnophobia hate to find an eight-legged friend in the room. Here are some of the most common pests you will encounter in Australian homes and tips on when it is important to get professional pest control services.


Spiders are one of the most common unwanted guests you will find in your home and these can vary from the small daddy long leg to the giant huntsman. While a couple of spiders here and there is often not a problem, a spider infestation can be quite dangerous. If you have young children at home you will want to get this sorted out as soon as possible to prevent any nasty bites.

While most spiders are harmless, some are venomous and must be dealt with as soon as possible. The redback spider for example is not something you want to share your home with. These are easily recognizable with the prominent red marking on their abdomen.


Find mice in your home is not just a pest it is also a health concern as they can spread disease. The best Way to Get Rid of Mice is to catch or ward off mice such as peanut butter, mint, and of course cheese!


Ants are not really a problem when they stay outside but can quickly cause dramas if they venture into the house. It is important to keep your food sealed as they often go venturing for something to eat in the kitchen. Luckily, there are a lot of home remedies to get rid of ants that offer great results. Using things like baby powder, chalk, vinegar, and water can help you control the infestation and create a barrier to stop them from coming in from outside.

If these home remedies don’t work, calling a pest control company is your best bet.


Termites are often the hidden pest you will not even know is there until extensive damage has been done to your home. Whether you see warning signs yourself or just want peace of mind, a professional inspection is always best. If termites are found there are a range of solutions available including dusting, barriers, and soil treatment.

Easy ways to pest-proof your home

Would you like to make sure your home is free from those unwanted guests also known as pests? While singing ‘shoo fly don’t bother me’ can be catchy, it’s not going to make those flying pests leave your home. When you want to get rid of pests such as flies, mosquitoes, ants, and mice, it is important to pest-proof your property in order to best prevent an infestation. Here are some tips on how:

Stop easy access

The best way to deal with pests is to prevent them from getting into your home in the first place. Checking your home for openings, these can be small cracks or simply your garage door that has been left open, and repairing them can often be enough to prevent a problem. Have kids that keep running in and out of the house? Get them to quickly close the door before they leave. Investing in fly screens for doors and windows are great for those who like a breeze in their home during summer.

Keep it clean

Often, homeowners will experience problems because the pest has been able to locate a food source. Once they find what they are after, they are not going to want to leave. Not only it is important to seal food properly but it is also important to clean up spills (including those tiny crumbs that fall on the floor) as soon as they happen.

To prevent tiny food scraps from being left behind, make a habit of always eating at a table and getting your pets to eat in a designated area. Place food in hard containers that are easily sealed and don’t leave food lying around on benches. Vacuum and sweep on a regular basis to pick up anything you might have missed. Rinse containers before placing them in the bin or recycle.

Get organized

Organizing your outdoor areas can also prevent pests from venturing into your home. Keep bins far away from your house and keep them securely covered. You should also clean up grass clippings, leaves, and pet droppings regularly. Trimming the branches and plants that touch your home is also recommended as pests can use these as pathways.

Use homemade remedies

There are many natural ingredients you can use in your home that will ward off pests. Ingredients such as citrus oil, lavender, and peppermint can offer great results and leave your home smelling fresh as well.

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