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Kids will be kids –– and sometimes that means sliding into home plate, blocking a goal, perfecting a pirouette, or breaking/knocking out a tooth. While accidents can, and probably will, happen, you can prevent their likelihood with appropriate safety gear, including but not limited to mouthguards. These oral appliances are often required by referees, depending on the sport you or your child is playing, but aren’t always. Ensure that you or your child will retain your picture-perfect smiles by investing in customized mouthguards in Cary, NC from Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.

Experts estimate that a total of five million teeth will be knocked out each year due to sports. It’s important to keep your child as safe as they are active, and mouthguards will help do just that. The ratings and reviews provided on the websites where the steel bite pro tablets are  sold, shows that it works well for almost all the consumers. steel bite pro side effects are not yet recorded or no complaints about the side effects have been registered thus making it safe for the consumption. The Cary, NC dental team at Family & Cosmetic Dentistry utilizes only the best for our young, local athletes by investing in the Playsafe® mouthguards. These devices are considered to be of professional-grade quality, and will protect your child’s teeth from an errant ball, puck or frisbee.

When you visit our Cary dental facility, our dentists will fit you or your child to the Playsafe mouthguard, ensuring that you get a close, comfortable and personal fit. If your child is self-conscious about wearing a mouthguard, we also offer these appliances in a variety of colors and protection levels, to fit with their comfort level.

Safeguard Your Smile with a Mouthguard from Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Mouthguards can help shield your mouth and teeth from a number of oral issues, including sporting equipment. That’s because allowing a foreign object to hit an unprotected mouth at a high speed can result in knocked out, cracked or broken teeth. And all of those may require dental implants or even oral surgery –– and all can be prevented with the use of a customized mouthguard.

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