Best of Both Worlds for Reversing Hearing Loss

To lose one of the core senses can be a devastating experience for anyone. Hearing is central to communication and experience, and it can be very difficult for a person to navigate the world without it. Thanks to modern technology, however, hearing loss can be reversed to a great degree. At the same time, traditional methods of recovering hearing are also being rediscovered.

The Modern Miracles

Thanks to the advancements in modern medical technology, a lot of techniques have been developed that can help partial or even full recovery from hearing loss. These techniques include –

  • Physical items that sometimes get into the ear can lead to hearing problems. Using small but precise tools, these blockages such as earwax can be removed and restore hearing.
  • Inner ear damage is another reason for hearing loss. This can be rectified with the help of hearing aids. Modern hearing devices not only make sound audible but also ‘clarify’ it so that the person does not miss out on anything in a conversation.
  • Often confused with hearing aids, cochlear implants are ‘prosthetics’ that directly stimulate the auditory nerve. This means that the biological hearing system, which may be severely damaged, is bypassed and replaced by an electrical system, allowing hearing.

Hence as can be seen on this page, modern tools have thus enabled people with hearing loss to vastly improve their quality of life. Most of these methods, especially hearing aids and implants, are modified and customized according to the specific type and intensity of hearing loss that a person may have.

Natural Healing

The natural healing of hearing loss is two dimensional. One, it focuses on the prevention of hearing loss in the first place, and second, it focuses on using natural methods to improve hearing. These methods include –


  • Some people suggest that regular exercise of the years can help in maintaining good hearing capacity. Listen to a mixed variety of low-level sounds, such as during a walk in nature, and learning to discriminate among them is a good way of exercising hearing skills.
  • Improving the intake of some vitamins, including Vitamin B, folic acid, zinc, and magnesium can help in strengthening the nervous and muscular systems involved in hearing, thereby preventing damage from occurring in the first place.


  • A traditional remedy often used for removing accumulated earwax, is to pour a small amount of lukewarm oil, such as mustard oil. This method is known to flush out wax and other ear blockages, thus reducing hearing loss.
  • Ingested remedies such as ginger tea, ginkgo biloba extract are believed by some to improve hearing loss damage, though clinical studies have not given any definitive results.

Hence, as this page shows, there are a lot of remedies and methods, both modern and natural, available for those struggling with hearing loss. The most important point, no matter the treatment, is to not lose hope. Through the help of medical intervention, social support, and a little courage, there is no obstacle that can prevent people with hearing loss from living a fulfilling life.

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