Korean Clothing- Fashion Statements For Men

There are seven continents in this world of which Asia is the largest and Australia is the smallest while North America, South America, Africa, Europe and Antarctica vary from each other depending on the size but are too diverse in color, ethnicity and culture.

Asia has the largest diversity in terms of country size and population where China and India are the largest on the planet while Japan, South Korea and smaller nations have their own identity with their culture and ethics being worthy of reading and understanding.

Over the years, South Korean culture is slowly taking over the entire world where you can find numerous movies being remade in Hollywood while the dressing sense becoming a rage worldwide and today we shall focus on the fashion statements that Koreans follow so that eager readers would gain a bit knowledge on what to expect.

Dress Code

South Korea has a diverse culture that magnified manifolds when it became an independent nation after separating from North Korea and today, both countries are thriving at an excellent phase although the latter is a dictator nation and therefore, held with suspicion due to radical ideologies.

Korean dress code usually involves pajamas and a long overall where you have numerous ethnic wear that is the exclusive identity of the nation that other people can easily identify with.

Today, we shall focus on men’s wear because everyone is familiar with lady’s wear and so here’s a shout out to the men of South Korea for being such lucky dudes to wear these dresses.

Korean men are mostly seen as entertainers that indulge in acting, dancing and singing but there’s more to it than meets the eye as only the people that have paid a visit to the nation have seen it for themselves.

Seoul is the capital city of South Korea where you can find men walking by the streets wearing some of the best fashionable clothes that is not possible for anyone to imagine where the ripped out jeans gives that typical bad boy look with the long side buns and hair parted from the middle would remind you of Alan Rickman in Harry Potter movies.

Brownie Points

The ripped out jeans mentioned above is quite popular at both home and office because even though there are certain places where you have to go with the formal suit, boot and tie look but thankfully, things are changing for the better where casual wear and jeans are becoming more popular.

The boss appears more chilled out at work than the colleagues, which means that men are allowed to wear those skinny bell bottoms that are so thin that one would wonder whether it fits them at all.

Canvassed shoes go well with a blue denim shirt that would give them the typical macho look that they wear during office parties but only on festive occasions as while meeting foreign delegates they have to stick to full shirt and pants.

Finally comes the blazer, which is something you can find in the closet of every Korean men with leather and blue denim, once again, being a norm that give you a royal regal look.

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