What Kind of ECig Do I Need?

With so many brands, types, and styles of e-cigarettes/vape liquid UK/vaporizers on the market, it’s hard to know where to begin. You’ve come across the reviews on this site and you love what you’re reading but at the same time, how are you supposed to know whether you’d be best suited to the smaller, two-piece designs, or if you’d benefit from the bigger tank-style monstrosities?

Hopefully, I can help.

In my experience, most people start their personal journey with e-cigarettes with a cheap and simple brand… Usually something like EverSmoke. You simply screw the battery onto the cartridge and away you puff!

The good thing about the small and classic ecig styles is that they are discreet. You are finding your feet with your new toy and you aren’t sure how other people are going to take it yet. It’s OK to be cautious. In fact, sometimes it pays to be cautious, and right now is one of those times. Having someone yelling at you for ‘smoking in a public place’ is enough to put anyone off of using e-cigs for life. We’ve all been there — that’s something you’ll need to power through

Once you’ve been using these two-piece’s for a few months, you’ll start to want something more. You’ll want something with better battery life, better-tasting cartridges and liquids, and better value for money. These little cheap kits like EverSmoke are great to start with, but they are somewhat cheaply made, and after a few months you will find yourself needing to replace the battery and cartridges more and more often. I like to call these starter e-cigs — not really ideal for long term use unless you want to be buying a brand new kit for yourself every couple of months.

At this point, many people decide to look for something that offers a bit more bang for their buck. Perhaps you’ll be finding yourself buying more and more batteries, or replacing the cartridges more often because they are burning out too quickly? This is when you move onto something bigger and better like Eversmoke or V2 Cigs. These kits are generally more expensive (not by much though!) and offer you much more – things like personal charging cases that actually work, new and improved batteries, longer-lasting cartridges, improved liquid flavors, etc.

You’ll be happy with these for a while but just like most things in life, you’ll soon be hunting for an upgrade. Perhaps you’ll be looking for a nice and simple personal vaporizer or tank-style e-cigarette to enjoy instead? At this point, I would highly recommend going for something like V2 Cigs Ex Series. You have all the luxuries that the smaller e-cigarettes have to offer, but with cartridge-style tanks with all the benefits, they have to offer too! It’s essentially the best of both worlds. Just in case you were wondering, the Halo G6 e-cigarettes are just as good (if not better) than the V2 Cigs Ex Series. I had a really good time with those e-cigs!

Once you’ve used the e-cig/personal vaporizer crossover for a few months, once again you’ll be hunting for something heftier. Perhaps you want something bulkier for home use, still using the smaller two-piece ones for when you are out and about?

I tend to find myself using something the Halo Triton Tank for when I am at home and it doesn’t matter who I’m puffing away in front of, and then going back to the Halo G6 e-cig when I’m out to get the same great smoke, just on a smaller and more discreet scale. It’s an idea for you to think about anyway

If you don’t fancy giving the Halo Triton a shot, there are a number of other similar brands that you can take a peek at. The South Beach Smoke Storm tank, for example, was very well received, as was the VaporFi Pro, and even the V2 Cigs Series 3 too! There are a lot out there to make your choice from and although this can make life harder, you do have more opportunity to customize your perfect e-cig. In fact, South Beach Smoke offers just this service; you choose your own tank, battery, cartomizer, liquid, and more.

Mixing & matching has never been so much fun!

Why not check out the reviews for more information on the various e-cigs and tanks I speak so highly (and badly) of? I’ve tried and tested them so you don’t have to and trust me, there are more than a few out there that will disappoint you!

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