Tennis Elbow Exercises – The Story Behind Them

If you were once like me you are completely baffled why you have to use tennis elbow exercises to help you heal your injury (I thought it would make the injury worse). Many websites you go on will tell you that you should do some wrist and forearm exercises but not many of them actually respond to your question of why you actually need them. The good thing is that these exercises aren’t going to waste your time and are actually useful and do contribute to healing and prevent any further injury.

What do the exercises do?

Exercising your wrists and forearms will help you to cure your injury by strengthening the affected area (in this case the forearm region). Tennis elbow is usually an injury that causes pain mainly in the forearm. By exercising this area you would think that you would cause more pain but instead you are strengthening this area up and what happens is you break the muscle fibres in this region and they heal back and become stronger and better (this is the same method bodybuilders use to build muscle)

Why does this help?

This process causes you to gain more strength and thus healing your injury, however don’t think that pain is good when you use the exercises. When you start to feel any pain stop otherwise you can cause more injury and more injury would lead to a longer healing period. Professionals are suggesting for daily exercise as regular exercise will increase the flexibility and strength of your elbow. A significant help is offered to the patient for the treatment of the tennis elbow. There is reduction in the pain of the people with effective results. 

How does this prevent injury?

If you haven’t got the injury yet then you want to use some of the tennis elbow exercises, this way what you do is you build up the muscle in that area and thus helping you avoid getting the injury through tennis, golf or whatever activity you do (yes you can get it in other activities other than tennis) otherwise you will find yourself in a very frustrating place.

Trust me I know, I felt a pain in my elbow from tennis one day (something I do to keep me stress free) and I thought it was just from playing too much but soon after ignoring it for some time I found that I had worsened the injury. I decided to just rest the arm hoping it would heal but after a while I got impatient and without tennis I got really stressed out especially since I couldn’t have my morning coffee since the pain had become that much.

I started looking on the net for cures and one method that seemed to work was tennis elbow exercises which I found made me stronger but they only masked the problem which kept coming back. Thankfully before I ripped my hair out I found which didn’t mask the problem but cured it!

Tennis elbow is a very frustrating injury and can be so painful that you can’t even hold a mug. When I had tennis elbow most of the methods I used only masked the injury and thankfully in the nick of time I found and by following the simple techniques I started seeing improvements in just 72 hours and in just over 3 weeks I found that I was completely CURED of my injury!

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