How to Decide on Right Mattress- A Guide to Good Sleep

Choosing the right mattress is more important than you think. Your sleep pattern largely depends on the mattress you sleep. So how to choose the mattress that will snuggle up to your body just the right amount?

There are a few things to keep a check. No one type suits all. So ask yourself a few questions before you make your next purchase on a mattress.

Why do you need it?

  • Age

If you are buying it for yourself, figure out the age of your current mattress. Different variants will have a different life span. But generally, a mattress above ten years old needs to retire.

  • Losing sleep

No, you are not an insomniac. If you find yourself waking up frequently, sometimes it’s just your mattress. Your current lifestyle may have affected your body in a way that it doesn’t find comfort in the mattress like it used to. So it is time that you change it for good health.

If space crunch is keeping you from buying a mattress then look for a Memory Foam Folding Mattress Topper and Sofa Bed for Guests. That works both for sleeping at night and sitting area by morning.

  • What’s your type?

It is a big question and that is what most people are confused about. More bounce or stable? Cool or warm? Cushion or hard? Observe what you don’t like in your current mattress and make a list of things you prefer. Each type of mattress will have certain features. Choose the one closest to your preference.

  • Memory foam

It feels like a cushion that makes you settle in rather than feeling like you are floating. It can survive for 10 years and are mostly anti-dust and anti-allergens. This makes them a popular choice. However, they retain heat.

  • Latex

This one is similar to memory foam but cuts the heat retaining issue. It is slightly less cushiony than memory foam and sustains for a longer time.

  • Poly Foam

It contains blended polymers to customize the desirable features. 

  • Coil/ Innerspring

It has a short lifespan as the springs get damaged after a few years. But it produces a balanced bounce. A reason why most people buy this, plus it’s cheap.

  • Waterbeds

The water filing has amazing cooling effects. It may feel lying on a giant piece of jelly.

  • Airbeds

Go for this if you like the feeling of floating. They are light weighted high-quality airbags. Bounce is not their specialty.

  • Adjustable

It is a mattress that can be inclined partly. Say you want your head slightly up. It can be adjusted as you need. If cost is not a factor, then get this without doubts.

  • Hybrid

If you are confused between memory foam and latex, this might be a great choice as you get the best of both.

  • Which firmness is right for you?

A side sleeper will want a soft to medium firmness to support their neck and back. For a back sleeper, a mattress that adjusts to natural spine alignment will require more firmness.

  • How much are you willing to pay?

You would want to buy something that doesn’t burn your pocket at the same time doesn’t compromise with comfort. Each type of mattress again has several subtypes. Say a coil mattress price varies with the coil types, offset, pocketed, or continuous coils. Similarly, latex has Dunlop and Talalay variants. If the manufacturing process doesn’t bother you, go for a more affordable option.

Memory Foam Folding Mattress Topper and Sofa Bed for Guests are useful when you have frequent visitors at home.

Hopefully, this information helps you find your ideal mattress.

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