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The internet has revolutionized the world in so many ways, creating a whole pool of careers never thought possible, a decade ago. The internet is a hub of information, you might say, and it has enabled us to access information, and communicate more easily. Many have made fortunes of the internet, and there are surely many billions more to be made. Starting a business online is as hard as starting one offline, it requires time, and capital (most of the time). Here are some ways of making money online that require little or no investment.

Complete online surveys .-

Completing surveys requires little or no money to start, although you have to invest your time into it. There are many sites that offer surveys, the one I used was surveyed savvy. Scammers are rampant on the internet, so before giving out any personal info make sure the company is legit. Most companies send you an email and you have to fill out a questionnaire. Questionnaires are often to screen those who don’t qualify for the study. The more questionnaires you feel out, the more surveys you will qualify for. Profit Accumulator is another great alternative to this. Click here to learn about the Benefits of Using Profit Accumulator in 2020.

Domain parking-

Domain parking is a fairly easy way to make money if you have a nice domain name. Domain parking is registering a domain and then parking it, by parking the domain the put ads on it. Domain registration normally costs between $7-13, so its pretty cheap. Domain parking is not recommended when you want to use the domain for something useful. Domain parking often capitalizes on type in errors for example, “someone wants to type then they put 2 t’s to make it youtube” they are referred to a site with ads. These sites have pay per click ads and every click earns the user a few cents to dollars. There are a number of sites that offer domain parking examples are Sedo, parked, and NameCheap. Domainsponsor for example parks a minimum of 50 domains, I would recommend sedo and parked.


“Content is king”, as they say, it is when you want to run a blog. Many have tried and “faceplanted” so to speak, this is because they are not willing to invest the time. I believe you need to have a passion for writing, and you can definitely make money. Blog networks now pay people to join their blogs, they can make money from pay per click ads. Blogs can also make money nowadays by writing about consumer products, and they get paid for it. Some are even starting their own blog networks and “managing it” if you have those leadership skills. “Content is king” as we said because this brings traffic, you can have the nicest design but with no traffic it’s useless.

Social networking –

Yes you can get paid for networking nowadays. Mylot is a website that pays for opening your account and general participation. My experience with this site, was people just basically want to make money, because they are paid for how many posts, instead of the quality of the content.

Work from home jobs works from home jobs. Many people are skeptical when they hear this. Understandably because of the “scammers” have ripped everyone’s trust. Most of them are, as the term goes”if its to good to be true it probably is”, although there are some genuine home jobs. The most common home jobs range from writers, freelancers, and software designers. Genuinejobs offers a wide range of internet jobs that are real and regularly updated.

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