How to Shape Your Eyebrows

Most women feel that it is a crime to let their eyebrows go unplucked. It is considerably odd for women to allow their eyebrows to grow thickly and look unmanaged. Eyebrows greatly define the character of a person. It may significantly create a snooty and snobbish aura or an entirely approachable look. Whatever impression it may produce; shaping one’s eyebrows is part of a woman’s beauty secret.

Eye shape and facial structures needs to be examined first before plucking the eyebrows. The outline and form of the eyebrows create an intense impact on a person’s appearance. In the world of fashion, eyebrows are of enormous significance. Majority of women avail the services of professional cosmetologists by heading to pricey beauty salons. If you are on a tight budget, it is better to read some of these useful tips. Perfect eyebrows depend on the shape of a person’s face.

The first step to eyebrow shaping is to get a brow scissors and start to trim long hairs. Hair trimming is initially done to see the actual shape of the eyebrow. The next step is to find the highest point of one’s eyebrow by aligning the pencil to the edge of the colored part of the eye or to the iris. The third step is to incline the pencil from the nostril to the outer edge of the eye in order to find the end spot. The fourth step is to get an eyeliner pencil and mark the beginning and end spot of one’s brow. Then you have an option to either wax or tweeze the excess area of one’s eyebrows.

According to microblading NYC, eyebrows may be formed in different shapes such as rounded, angular, low arched and arched. A slanting shaped eyebrow is more appropriate for those who have diamond shaped faces. An eyebrow with an arched shaped is best suited for triangular shaped faces. Those people endowed with wide set eyes may allow their eyebrows on the inner spots to remain untouched. You may mark the inner sides with an eyebrow pencil for a better look. People with slightly high forehead may form their eyebrows to a low arched shape. Reshaping the eyebrow to this contour may form a deceptive appearance of a lower forehead. Low arched shaped eyebrows are definitely recommended for people with low forehead. An illusion of elevation is manifested if low arched contour is being created for this type of people. Please keep in mind that daily plucking is unnecessary. The trail of your bone at the upper part of your eyes should be in line with your eyebrows.

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