The Best AFK Arena Heroes For Every Role

Are you struggling to find the best hero for all of the roles that must be fulfilled in the game AFK Arena? We got you covered. In this article, we will discuss all of the best heroes for every role, be it tank, support, or attacker. Take note that a section can include multiple heroes. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Lucius – Tank

Lucius is considered as the best tanker in AFK Arena. He has skills allowing him to provide regeneration to damaged teammates. He can cast a shield to himself, sustaining his sustainability in battle even more. His Divine Strike spell is a good crowd control ability, and lastly his ultimate skill provides protection to all teammates. If you want a good tanker hero that can also extend his tankiness to others, Lucius is a good hero to pick.

  1. Athalia – Attacker

Athalia is a hero that is focused on her offensive powers. Every single one of her skills are dedicated to dealing a lot of damage to her enemies. Her skills allow her to stun enemies, and her ultimate ability damages multiple targets at a single hit. Athalia is a Celestial hero, which means that she is viewed by the game as belonging to any factions. This is always good and makes sure that she fits in any team composition. With all of Athalia’s good benefits, it is understandable that she is incredibly rare.

  1. Lyca – Attacker

Another hero that is great on dealign damage, Lyca has the ability to lower the defense of her targets. She also provides upgrades to the attack rate of friendly units. One of Lyca’s downside is that she is really weak in the early game, which means that you will struggle in leveling her up. However, when she reaches level 81 and above, she will become a force to be reckoned with.

  1. Ferael – Support

Ferael is a support that is weak in the early game, but he will become extremely powerful at his role when he reachers level 101 and above. Ferael conjures spirits that haunt enemy units. His skills allow him to stun multiple units, which is a really good ability for a support to have. His skill called “Accursed Arrow” renders enemies unable to attack for a long duration, which makes Ferael a support that is really scary to face, as long as he is sufficiently leveled up.

  1. Isabelle – Mage

Isabelle is a good all around mage. She is not bad at the early game, and her late game is really good. Isabelle can reach level 240, which makes her really good. However, one of Isabelle’s disadvantages is that one of her abilities known as Soul Power has a negative effect on her teammates. As such, use her with caution.


Here you have it, the best heroes for every role in AFK Arena. If you are looking for more afk arena guides, read our other articles about the game.

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