Clash Royale Strategy Tips for Mastering Match Play

Clash Royale has become one of the mostly played games. This game is very competitive in nature. So if you want to be victorious, it is important to be strategic in mastering match play. To help you outm here are some tips that you may want to know.

Fear of Commitment

Some strategies in playing Clash of Royale require some sort of ‘rushing’ in order to be victorious. However, if you are an eexpert player, you tend to be more aggressive and excited in the first game’s first move. You may have so much resources and elixir available so you can focus more on playing the game itself. That being said, one of the important tips that you need to consider when playing Clash Royale is have long patience. Most of the time, your enemy will wait until your elixir is totally full before the take an action.

Keep the Balance

Another important thing that you need to pay attention to is the balance of your attacks. Basically, your opponent will be difficult to fight especially during the most elite level. But the good news is, some enemies are built with softer stuff. This will give you an opportunity to easily attack them. It is important to keep waiting for your enemy to make their move on the lane. This will give you an idea on what move to make. It is also important to give some time and attention to defense.

Elixir Trades

When playing Clash Royale, the most common battles come from 2 opponents dumping troops onto same side of the Arena. And just like in any battle, there will only be one winner. The one will demonstrate dominance while the other one will be weak. But one of the secrets in winning the game is to know the value of elixir. For instance, a Giant will cost 5 elixir, a Skeletal Horde costs4 elixir. So when you stuff such unit before it damages your tower, you will get a 1 plus elixir advantage.

Unload Barrels

In some cases in the game, you might find that you already have a number of offensive cards that  can efficiently establish 2 team who will push at the first part of the round. In this kind of situation, it is better to send  troops that will attack down both lanes at near the same time. Consequently, try to make your opponent overwhelmed leading them to manage your attack. Yes, this will be a risky move because you might lose all of your elixir but the positive side of it is that it can prove to be a great time builder if your enemy is not a fast thinker.


Last but definitely not the least, it is important to enjoy and have fun while playing Clash Royale. You can further enjoy the game with an audio on. This will also help you to pay focus and attention to the game so you will know right away if your enemy makes a move.

For more information about strategy tips in Clash Royale, you can visit this website.

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