Plastic Surgery- New Facts to Write Home About

This is going to be an interesting topic of discussion for people who are into healthcare and well being but does not necessarily cater to the same because it belongs to a different spectrum.

Everyone desires to look handsome and attractive so that other people notice them and heap lavish praise on their features, which has become an obsession with the current generation youth.

There are certain people who are irrationally jealous of people that are more good looking than them and don’t stop at anything to go one up on them by resorting to extreme measures to do so.

Basic Understanding

One such method is through plastic surgery, the shortcut way to change your facial structure so that the plastic covers up all the flaws like pimples and dark circles to give the face a shiny look.

Plastic surgery has a long history and is believed to have been invented in ancient India around 5th century AD and this is an important piece of information worth mentioning because nearly everyone is under the misconception that it was a 16th century discovery and that too from Britain.

In the times of yore, the process involved taking out a piece of skin from other parts of the body and using it for reconstructing the nose where the renowned Sage Sushrutha took a pointy instrument and did this feat effortlessly.

This gives an idea of how advanced ancient technology was in contrast to modern day science that is supposedly at its peak but has innumerable drawbacks and limitations to its credit.

The human body is a machine that has no equal because it can perform many functions that no artificial counterpart can do which only increases the significance of plastic surgery as an invention.

But now times have changed because both men and women are obsessed with their looks and that is why you can find many of them, especially famous celebrities, perfectly willing to spent billions for reconstructing their face.

Going Offshore

Surgical procedure has been a practice of norm for a long time but has gained prominence only from the late 90s and today in the 21st century, it has expanded further in the form of Botox treatment, cosmetic surgery, cataract surgery and many more.

There is a dedicated society among plastic surgeons that encourages medical tourism in the hopes of treating tourists at a relatively lesser cost which certain vested interests try to derail the prospects by claiming it to be bogus.

A renowned [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]Facial plastic surgeon by Masri clinic from a well known center in Michigan has encouraged practicing surgical procedures for enhancing beauty features among women.

The society is in the hopes of encouraging tourism prospects in the hopes that it would lead to booming business and increase plastic surgery practice in the country with a bigger base.

The skilled development in the past few decades is the result of teamwork where dedicated workers have taken the mantle on their shoulders to treat patients by sharing the burden equally among themselves.

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