Why Your Cat Urinates Outside The Litter Box?

Cats are one of the fastidious creatures, and it can be clearly seen in their litter box habits. It has seen that cats always avoid litter box when they want to pee. They urinate all over the house instead of a litter box which is the right place for that activity. This is the main issue which has been faced by the cat owners.  Now if we talk about the reasons behind this habit of cats, then many things come forward. In this article, you can check out the main reasons for cats’ peeing habit.

Many pets in one house

Having multiple pets in the home is known as the reason for peeing outside the litter box. When there are more than one cats, then the chances of this habit gets higher. Well, many times one of the cats is bull who always stops other carts for using the box. In order to solve this issue, you are advised to place many litter boxes in different rooms so that every cat can use it easily.

Uncomfortable litter box

There is a huge variety present of the litter box; however, not every type will suit the cat.  So, when you are selecting the box, then make sure that it is comfortable for the cat. Majority  of the times, it has observed that cat owners pick the option  of the covered box which is a big no. well, it is an uncomfortable box, so cats avoid using this. Buy the litter box which will offer the great comfort zone to the cat. For this, you can try different options. You can search for the best litter box over the internet and also get more hints.


Unclean litter box

The cat owners should always pay proper attention to the cleanliness of the litter box because unclean box can also be the reason for peeing outside the litter box. When the boxes are not clean, then cats find another place to pee. Thus, cleanliness is important, and we should clean the box on a daily basis. After a few weeks, cat owners should do deep cleaning, and for this, you can also hire professional cleaners.

Medical issues

Cats can also have the health issues which force them to pee outside the box. There are many health problems which are painful, so cats don’t prefer using the box. You should also focus on the medical condition of cats for this; take the cat for full body checkups after a certain time. The medical issues change the feelings of cat, and it also reflects in the littering behavior.

In addition to this, sometimes cat also finds it hard to reach the litter box. For example, if the litter box in place in the basement, then the cats will have to face issues while reaching the box. These are the main reasons behind the peeing behavior of cats. So, the cat owners should make sure that they are paying proper attention to these factors.

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