Debt Relief By Consumer Wiz of Connecticut

Almost all debt consolidation companies work for profit. Consumer Wiz of Connecticut is one of those rare companies that are motivated to work for the well being of their customers.

About Consumer Wiz of Connecticut

It is a Non Profit, Debt consolidation firm that consolidates all the monthly debt payments into one, easier and convenient payment. Consumer Wiz of Connecticut was established in July 1997. The company has highly qualified staff members, who work effectively, in reducing the interest rates on the total debt of their clients.

They negotiate with all sorts of lenders and creditors and try to reach the easiest terms for their clients.

Salient Features of Consumer Wiz of Connecticut
Consumer Wiz of Connecticut has a Debt Management Program (DMP) which enables their clients to effectively manage their finances.

The Program also incorporates a Guidance Program on how to trim various expenses and save money. This program enables the clients to pay off their debts easily and in record time.

The vision behind Consumer Wiz of Connecticut

The company sees bankruptcy as the last resort. They always enable their clients to pay off their due debt by making things easier for them. They do this through their unmatchable debt negotiation and debt reduction services.

Services Offered by Consumer Wiz of Connecticut

  • They provide debt counseling services. They also keep their clients updated about the company and the new methods of debt reduction through newsletters.
  • They charge a very low fee of $20 per month for their services. This is an insanely low amount being charged, as compared to most of the companies that provide similar services.
  • The company offers a guidance program, for making their clients reach their financial goals in a stipulated amount of time.
  • They promise to resolve all the debts of their customers in 24-48 months, depending on the amount of debt owed.
  • Consumer Wiz of Connecticut also offers counseling services that aim to produce a sense of responsibility in their clients by controlling and managing their finances.
  • It also provides Debt Analysis services and helps to enable their customers in making quick and appropriate decisions. They completely analyze your debts, negotiate with your creditors or lenders and consolidate all your debts into one easy payment.
  • They provide premium debt reduction services that can help reduce your debts up to 40%. This enables all sorts of clients, irrespective of their financial backgrounds, to pay off their debts easily. They do so by demanding the creditors/lenders lower the interest rates on the actual debt amount.
  • The company also provides informative books and pamphlets in order to educate and help their clients. They help them in understanding the importance of being debt free and savings in today’s time.

Contact Consumer Wiz of Connecticut
The company can be contacted on following address:-

258 Route 12
Groton, Connecticut (CT) 06340

Phone: (860) 405-1000

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