Have You Eaten At FAT BOYS Diner Lately?

Have You Eaten At FAT BOYS Diner Lately?

One of my favorite things to do is discovering and trying new places to eat…..new dishes to taste….old forgotten dishes to fall in love with again….and again.

Nothing makes me happier on my quest for a good restaurant or good meal then finding one within reasonable driving distance from my house.

What I consider reasonable driving distance you ask? Well, I will drive 1 to 11/2 hour for a good meal.Remember I live in a small town almost middle of nowhere….

One of my “go to” places is FAT BOYS DINER also known as FB’S Family Grill in Oroville, Washington.

I’ve been crossing the border to satisfy my craving now and then since teenager was still ordering from kiddie menu.

If you are looking for home cooking with flair….friendly service….unique decor and great price….Fat Boys Diner got you covered.

This retro diner with displays of muscle cars is cranking up heat with old fashioned diner dishes like Hush Puppies…Corn Dogs…Pulled Pork Sandwiches….Chili FriesHave You Eaten At FAT BOYS Diner Lately?

Monday & Saturday night is always STEAK NIGHTat Fat Boys Diner….my favorite….for under $11.00 you can get made to perfection sizzling steak accompanied by loaded baked potato, perfectly seasoned medley of different vegetables, garden salad with homemade dressing (or homemade soup) and loaf of fresh bread with garlic butter.

Friday night is All-You-Can-eat FISH & CHIPS….this is the night that teenager is always excited about.

$10.95 get you unlimited (fresh and tasty) fish, french fries and garlic toast.

All the other nights chef surprises his diner with delicious and sometimes pretty different dishes from around the world.

My husband never orders dinner from the menu….he always tries the specials and rarely is disappointed…..unless he is in the mood for giant plate of Spaghetti with Meatballs.

Have You Eaten At FAT BOYS Diner Lately?

I am not a big seafood eater,but no matter what we order and what time of the day it is….all of my men start their culinary trip at Fat Boys with bowl of Clam Chowder.

Myself, I am always excited when I see Homemade Hungarian Goulash soup on the menu…..my youngest starts his meal with Chowder then moves onto either Corn Dogs or Popcorn Chicken Basket and finishes with one or two of 20 flavors of hard ice cream.

Did I mentioned that their burgers are amazing as well? My hubs favorite is the Impala Burger….yes, they are named after classic muscle cars…very fitting.

So, when my family is feeling like throwing caution to the wind….needs little pick me up or just craving some diner calories we run for the border all the way to Fat Boys Diner in Oroville, Washington.

Oh, you need an address do you? Well, I am pretty sure if you are driving through Oroville you won’t miss Fat Boys Diner, but just in case….it’s 1518 Main Street.

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