Metropolitan Museum of Art Reviews

Metropolitan Museum of Art Reviews

The Metropolitan Museum of Art houses some of the most famous works of art, from Greek and Roman times to modern art and everything in between. For those reluctant to look at “art,” there is armor, a costume institute, decorative furniture and a seasonal rooftop sculpture garden. There is also a sister branch, The Cloisters, in Fort Tryon Park, which specializes in medieval art.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Reviews

Wows and Woes

The dowdy old cafeteria is a thing of the past. There are many restaurant and cafe choices; a refined option is the high tea in the Petrie Cafe. The Met offers a wide range of free programming for kids through adults. The Met also features an overview of the museum or focus on a particular gallery; these are ideal ways to learn about the museum.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Reviews

Insider Tips

Although it doesn’t have the grandeur of ascending the giant staircase and going through the main entrance, the ground floor entrance, to the left of the staircase, is less crowded and an easier place to check a coat or stroller.

Author’s Most Memorable Moment

We got the book “How to Take Your Grandmother to the Museum,” and my three-year old recognized the artwork from the Metropolitan; then she wanted to return and see it again.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Reviews

Bottom Line

You can pay less than the suggested admission of $20. If you feel guilty and pay the whole thing, visit the Cloisters as well; same day admission is included.

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