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stop smoking

The first thing you need to do when you decide you want to quit smoking is to make the commitment to do so. This may seem pretty obvious, but most people don’t really commit to quitting. They decide one day that they WANT to stop smoking, but they don’t actually make any kind of commitment to do so!

stop smoking

If you want to really quit smoking once and for all, you need to make a strong commitment to yourself and those you love that you’re really going to do it. Whether it’s a New Year’s Resolution or just a decision you make, you need to tell those you care about that you’re committed to doing it, and you need to convince yourself that you’re ready and willing to quit.

Once you’ve made the decision to quit, you should write out a commitment letter. You can address this to yourself, your spouse, your children, your entire family, or even to God. This represents your commitment to yourself and whoever you address your commitment letter to that you are going to do your very best to stop smoking. You may experience some setbacks. Most people do. But you are making a resolution to stick to it for as long as it takes.

You should make copies of your letter and give them to every person you address the letter to. If your letter is addressed to your spouse and children, give each of them their own copy. Ask them to help hold you accountable by reminding you of your commitment every time you mess up and have a cigarette. You don’t want to let them down, do you?

While it’s important to make the commitment for yourself, ultimately your smoking will affect your entire family. Because of this, your commitment should be to all of them, not just to yourself.

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