Do You Need To Be Psychic To Do A Tarot Reading

Believe it or not, as someone who gives Tarot Readings for a living, I am constantly asked this by people who are interested in learning Tarot for themselves. They worry that since they are not psychic, that the cards give them no answers… or worse, wrong answers. Since another person asked me this weekend, after talking with them for a bit between readings, I promised them I would address it here this week here on Tarot Adviser. If you missed that event, in that case, just click to get free online psychic reading here.

I’m a Psychic, You’re a Psychic

First of all, I subscribe to the theory that ALL of us have the innate if latent, ability to be psychic. Some people simply manifest or recognize it and then develop it. Others use their innate psychic ability without realizing it or fully understanding it, instead of calling the results luck, instinct, or intuition. Don’t get me wrong, certain things are merely intuition but some people have an “intuition” that defies belief and in those cases, it is most likely them unconsciously tapping into the latent power that we all possess.

Tarot Reading: Psychic or Not?

So then it comes down to the question of whether Tarot Reading itself requires the conscious awareness of your innate psychic ability or not. And even if my theory is wrong and we do DON’T all have innate psychic ability, then will the tarot reading give you the wrong answers? That depends. Some people believe that there is a Universal Power that actually guides the cards. Because of the Universal Power, the cards – when read correctly – WILL give the correct answers. Of course, that’s IF you believe in a Universal Power.

Why Tarot Reading Gives Wrong Answers

So, if either of the above theories is true, then WHY do Tarot Readings sometimes give wrong answers? There are many reasons why this could happen. First, the tarot reader may have interpreted the tarot card incorrectly. Even with intuition or innate psychic ability, people make mistakes. Sometimes, they let their own experiences or emotions cloud the true meaning of the card.

In other instances, strong negative emotions could be clouding the reading. Doubt, anger, hate, or outright disbelief will taint a tarot reading and skew the answers. It’s always best to seek or give a tarot reading with a clear head… and a clear heart. There are many other reasons that a tarot reading could give “wrong” answers, including the person seeking the answers misinterpreting them or bending them to fit what they want.

But do you have to be an “overt” psychic to do good tarot readings? No, I don’t believe so. Whether you subscribe to the innate psychic theory or the Universal Power belief, it’s clear that tarot readings give good, solid, reliable answers – otherwise they would not have maintained their popularity through the centuries. So if you’ve dreamed of being a tarot reader – get started today!

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