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July 18, 2020 Help me with my body.?

I am a 14 yr old teen. My height is 5 feet 6 inches and my weight is 57kgs. I want to get rid of the flab in my stomach and thighs. I have moderately strong upper abs, but I need help with my lower and mid abs along with my thighs. I have started exercising 3 months ago. Which exercises can I include to get RID of the flab and not just to strengthen the abdominal muscles? I already include pushups, crunches, bicycle crunches pectoral stretch, and lunges. I want to build up or rather tone up by august. Can anyone suggest a few changes in my exercise regime along with a few new exercises and techniques to build up and make my abdominal muscles visible? I can strengthen my abs muscles but I am unsuccessful at getting rid of the flab that is covering them. Please suggest a remedy for my thighs as well. I have a balanced diet and an active lifestyle. also from when I have started exercising my waistline has not got thinner but my abs are getting strengthened. Please help!!! Also, suggest a dressing style for me.

Go to Gym. There will be plenty of exercises to help u build your body as u like. Follow as the master guides u. Don’t rely on anyone with blind belief. To get what u want,u have to do what must be done. But what must be done must be said by an expert and must be done before an expert(practicals). The food to be taken to get muscles must be known. The eating habits must definitely be changed as said by the master. Search your master first

But don’t do too much exercise without eating well your Body Mass Index B.M.I. is 20.68. You are in the ideal range. If u get your weight below 20 you will go underweight. Then u have to gain weight which results in lessening your physical strength. Eat well. Go to the gym, build your muscle. Dress well to show how fit u are. u can try doing yoga….

Dressing style… depends upon the way u look… swimming or rowing can be very good to burn fat! And diet change also helps! I can tell you how to dress, but I will recommend that you start doing cardio, 3-4 x weekly for 30 minutes or 45 minutes per session, and check out the list of over the counter testosterone boosters. You can do crunches and situps all day long but the only way to get your abs to show is to get rid of the fat that is covering them. that’s why you need the cardio.. go jogging, running, even brisk walking would be ok, swimming, elliptical trainer, steps are other good alternatives.

HI Do yoga vigorously and eat only light food your just 14 probably it’s your baby fat!! so don’t worry just keep doing what you are doing and you will reduce!! All the best you are young just exercise nothing else jogging and sports you will get reduce nothing else Cut down on your carbohydrates as much as possible, I have and lost 17lbs in 6 weeks. My waste was 38 inches now it is 34 Pilates. It’s what gives dancers a great body and elongates their muscles making them look lean. to rid of fat, you need to eat high fiber foods and lots of water (depending on your current diet, your body may need time to adjust and limit bloating) no carbonated drinks or empty calories (don’t fill you and cause bloating, and can make cellulite look worse), eat lean proteins (lean chicken, beans, stuff like that). also, make sure you are doing the ab exercises correctly, you should be pulling your belly button in and have the correct form, or you could actually make your ab muscles bigger, making your stomach appear bigger.

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