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I’m Marilyn, an intuitive Tarot reader, teacher, counsellor, and personal coach. I was introduced to Tarot over twenty years ago and have been fascinated by it ever since.

As a qualified counsellor I have spent my career helping people navigate through the labyrinth of their lives in the hope of finding the answers to life’s toughest dilemmas. For years I attended workshops and training courses in order to develop a wide range of skills to fully support my clients , but still it felt like something was missing.

After much personal research and many tarot readings, I made an important discovery. People who seek out the guidance of a tarot reader approach the opportunity with excitement and an openness of heart and mind that is highly conducive to change. Counselling, on the other hand, people come to during a time of distress and just want you to take their problems away which greatly decreases the likelihood of a positive outcome.

After this epiphany, I decided to take a leap of faith and combine my two passions; helping people and reading Tarot. It has been such a liberating experience, – one which has allowed me to most effectively use all my wisdom, knowledge and skills to help clients to understand and live in alignment with their highest purpose. What a perfect fit! I am thrilled to be doing what I love and and feel passionate about. It is extremely satisfying to work with clients who come to the process truly engaged, and as a result are able to gain insight and clarity in their lives. It has been observed a lot of time that people are facing plethora of difficulties in getting best picks for accurate tarot card reading. But you should checkout the provided welfares from the particular platforms.

The testimonials have been amazing and humbling at the same time. Check out my testimonial page for just a glimpse of the insight and clarity a Tarot reading can give you.


  • The services offered are:
  • Tarot Reading online – see book a reading page
  • Mentoring – this is for anyone exploring Tarot for self discovery.
  • Workshops – Discover Tarot, Discover Yourself- see events page for dates and location
  • Meditation using the Major Arcana cards
  • Using your Intuition to interpreting your reading
  • Yearly Tarot Journal

About the Readings:

Your reading will reflect a practical and grounded approach. It will be presented in a written format, so you can revisit the information at any time. Clear images of the Tarot cards drawn will also be included to foster the creation of a personal connection with the cards.

Your reading will be structured to help clearly define desired results, explore the current energies that surround you, and outline likely outcomes that might result form certain actions. Your reading may contain challenges, options and questions to be pondered before taking a certain pathway or making a decision. Your reading will not contain predictions. I believe you have freedom of choice in life so making predictions is meaningless. your reading will be focused entirely on you and contain information that will empower you to make informed decisions. See a sample reading.

If you are exploring the world of Tarot and reading for yourself, you may need help interpreting a reading. I am here to assist you in finding the gemstones of wisdom buried within the cards! How many times do you draw cards and just wish you could start again? It is very tempting to make an excuse, such as “I wasn’t in the right mindset when I started,” or “I’m a little busy I will do it again when I have more time.” I have made a pact with myself to always read the cards as they are dealt, even if at the time it seems like a struggle. I have found that approaching readings for myself, and others for that matter, with this intention ensures a positive outcome and gives me the satisfaction of knowing that my honesty and integrity are intact.

Tarot Circle is all about helping you learn Tarot for yourself, gain clarity , insight and even answers. It’s a growth process that empowers you to live.

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