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If you have not seen my Tarot Spread for Valentine’s Day yet, I highly recommend that you read it. There was no Tarot Daily Lesson yesterday because of the article about Valentine’s Day.

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Back on track today! The Daily Tarot Lesson is the Eight of Cups.

“As I make my slow pilgrimage through the world, a certain sense of beautiful mystery seems to gather and grow,” -A. C. Benson.

Some keywords that describe the Eight of Cups are: Evolution, phases, and Pilgrimage. This is a card for journeys; of the spirit and the self. The figure in the Eight of Cups is dissatisfied with the current environment. Perhaps the water source has trickled down to nothing, the ground is too muddy to build upon, or maybe it is simply time for a change of scenery. Bravely marching ever onward proud of all that the upright cups have helped to discover, yet knowing the journey is not over. There is more to learn, see, and do, and reveal.

What have I learned from the Eight of Cups?

I have learned that no matter how much I think I know, there more yet that do not. The increasing amount of effort I put into controlling the walkabout of life yield ever decreasing control, and fulfillment for my life. I may not accurately be able to plan my life’s voyage, but my plans have failed to account for some of my greatest experiences thus far! I have learned to expect delays, trials, and detours that can take you to the best parts of the trip. Sometimes it is prudent to cut the bait and go on instead of spending more time fishing. No one knows what will happen, that is why it is called life, not certainty.

What does this month’s Tarot card, The Chariot, have to say?

The fastest route is not always the best way to travel. Sometimes there is a tree in the road and a detour must be taken. Being flexible has its’ benefits. There maybe a person whose own chariot has broken down and requires assistance. The athlete who learns the most from winning is he one who cherishes each loss more than each win. Not even the charioteer knows for certain what the route will be like, even if there are no detours.

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