Busting the Top 5 Major Myths about CBD Oil

Over the years, CBD has gained immense popularity. However, popularity is always accompanied by myths and rumours. Since CBD is an active compound of cannabis, people often relate it with psychoactive properties. But CBD does not have the same magnitude of psychoactive elements as THC. Also, CBD is used in small quantities and in combination with other substances to serve medicinal purposes. To know more such facts about CBD, bust CBD oil-related myths, and even seek suggestions about the best CBD oil for fibromyalgia, read on:

Shattering myths about Cannabidiol 


  • CBD’s medicinal properties are not scientifically proven:

This is the biggest myth associated with CBD use. The FDA has granted approval to CBD being an effective ingredient in the manufacturing of certain medicines. 

  • CBD causes intense psychoactive effects:

Unlike THC, CBD does not cause intense psychoactive effects. The very reason behind CBD being a primary element in the composition of many medicines is that it does not give you a ‘high’. CBD possesses very mild, almost negligible psychoactive effects.

  • All CBD products deliver the same results:

The functionality of each CBD product varies. While CBD oil is more beneficial for treating acute pain, CBD body butter has better anti-ageing properties.

  • CBD oil has strong side effects:

Like every other medication, CBD oil does have a few minor side effects. However, it does not cause any long-lasting or major side effects. You must get in touch with your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding before using any CBD product. 

  • CBD is completely ineffective:

No two persons share the same mechanism. Everybody’s body reacts differently to any XYZ medication. Therefore, it doesn’t mean that if one person did not find relief after using a CBD product, then even you won’t. Moreover, sometimes the positive signs do not show immediately. Hence, you must not jump to conclusions and use the product for as long as is suggested. 


Pertinent Info about CBD oil for treating fibromyalgia 

Fibromyalgia is an extremely common disorder that negatively impacts your mood, memory, and sleep. It also leads to acute muscular pain. Since CBD oil boosts serotonin levels and also possesses anti-inflammatory properties, it can uplift the person’s mood and cure pain; thereby, serving as an effective treatment of fibromyalgia. When looking for the best CBD oil for fibromyalgia, you must consider the following factors:


  • Certified:

You should only go for certified CBD products. If the CBD oil is clinically tested and certified, only then should you buy it. The uncertified products either won’t have the desired impact or might have side effects. 

  • Reviews:

The CBD oil that has maximum positive reviews must be chosen. Through reviews, you can certainly make the most out of other people’s experience. 

  • Potency:

Generally, higher potency CBD is required to treat acute diseases. Therefore, you must consider the composition before buying particular CBD oil. 


CBD has quite a few health and other benefits to offer. However, consulting a professional before using a certain product is always a good option!

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