Best Fonts for the Website: The Options You Can Get

The development of websites had to adapt to the different sizes of screens and the web fonts followed the same path. The demand for responsive web fonts has increased a lot, after all everyone wants a website with a design that works perfectly on any device. For a long time, programming this font adaptation took some work, but now it has become simpler.

After all, how does it work in practice?

There are codes that make the automatic scaling of web fonts, it is enough for the developer to inform in the programming language a minimum and maximum size for displaying the font and it adapts according to the browser. Using the font generator is a wise option here.

Google Fonts

A great alternative for those looking for fonts on the web is Google Fonts, a free font bank that is maintained by Google. There are more than a thousand fonts available for download and use online. There are several search filters, which simplify the search for web sources. You can search by categories, popularity, trends and styles, among other definitions.

It is important to note that the web fonts made available by Google have a free commercial license. That is, you can use them with peace of mind, without fear of taking legal risks by using pirated sources or similar situations. A feature that appeals to designers a lot is the possibility to customize the fonts. It just takes a little care, because very sudden changes can slow your site down.

Less is more

The maxim of minimalism can help to make your site more interesting and with content highlighted. There is a trend that has been highlighted on the web of sites with few font options (between two or three at most), more organized, cleaner, with strategic breathing areas, which value each space in the layout, and of course, responsive. Using font generator is easy in these cases.

You can have a strong and different visual identity, but on the website you must prioritize the accessibility and well-being of users. The sources inform, they are also part of the composition of the content and the styles, sizes and colors can say a lot about your proposal. Therefore, try to pass as much clarity and precision as possible, using fewer resources.

Other important points

To provide a good experience for your website visitors, you also need to go beyond web sources. See the other concepts to be aware of:


Do you notice the blanks in this text? They contribute to the readability of the content, along with the size and color of the font, the hierarchy of information and the background of the website itself. If the words were all huddled together and the sentences were close together, it would be very difficult to read, just as if the background were black and the text in grayscale. Reading would be difficult, right? Therefore, in addition to choosing good web fonts, it is also essential to be concerned with the readability of the information.

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