What Are The Different Types Of Wands Available In Harry Potter

Harry potter is a series that brought a new wave of imagination for all people. This is a series in which even a small person is seen doing the magic’s. The magical world of harry potter is incomplete without the powerful wants that are a source of doing the magic. The harry potter is a series that is available in the form of books and also available on television.

There are basically two types of worlds that are seen in the series of harry potter .the first one is the Mughal world that is unaware of the magic because of which it uses technology for the transformation the lives. On the other hand, the different world is of the wizard and witches; they use magic’s and powers in order to protect themselves and the complete world.

There is not only single magical equipment used in the harry potter series but various pieces of equipment are used. Some of them include cloak of invisibility, magical paintings, flying ford Anglia, marauder’s map and even the variety of wands that are the primary source of doing the magic. harry potter wand wood quiz will find you in helping what type of wands will be best suitable for you.

Garrick Ollivander was a famous person who believes that the wands choose their wizards, but you have to make sure that you select the one that will be most appropriate for you. You can do this by attending the harry potter wand quiz. After attempting this quiz, you will conclude which wand will be the best for you. These wands are made up of different materials because of which they have extra strength. You must have a complete guide on various types of wands so that you can get better results:

Phoenix and popular wand

This is a want that is unique in its nature and is the most popular type of wand. This is a type of wand that supports powerful magic. The central part is the phoenix feature, but this is magic that is not easy to operate as this completely works on its wish, but once a person creates a bond with this magic, then the magic becomes invincible. harry potter wand wood quiz are the best mode to know about this type of wand.

Hawthorn and unicorn hair want

This is a type of want that is made up using hawthorn wood that has some kind of special features. These woods are produced by the trees that have healing leaves, but the branches are so poisonous .for making this type of wand, unicorn hairs generate resistance-free magic. However, there is one disadvantage of this wand that if you use it in the wrong manner, then it will lose its effect, and you will no longer be able to use it. But one of the most significant advantages of this type of wand is that only its master can use this. No one else can use this.

Unicorn and sycamore wand

This is another most famous and powerful wand that is made up of wood and core. They generally like the person who has a good experience in the world of magic and who wants to reach the heights in doing the magic. A person who can adequately handle them is required to operate them as no one can take them. harry potter wand wood quiz will guide you as how to handle a wand.

Yew and phoenix feather wand

This is a type of wand that can give the power of death and life to its owner. This wand is made of the yew woods that are known to be very powerful. If this wand is used correctly, it helps in doing the strong magic, but if they are not used in a proper manner, they can even cause trouble for the master.

Dragon and laurel wand

This is a wand that has a unique characteristic in case if any of a person tries to take it or flitch it, then it strikes a bolt. This is a wand that is seen to be the most loyal one. Also, it does not like the lazy masters, and also, in any of the situations, it does not produce negative magic as this is made of the dragon core. Hence, its charm is comparatively stronger and unbeatable.

If it does not like the master, then, in that case, it does not work correctly, and also, it can change its allegiance if someone else wins it from his master.

Elder wand

This is a type of wand that is made up of elder wood and thestral tail hairs. The wood that is mainly used in making this wand is hard to find as they are not readily available. It is not that easy for a person to use this wand as it selects its owner on its own. If the wizard is not powerful, then, in that case, it does not permit us to use it. It Is believed that this wand is unlucky and also unstable. harry potter wand wood quiz will give you complete guidance.

Sum up:

These are some of the different types of wands that are available, out of which you can make the selection of the one that you think will be most suitable for you. Not only you have the option to choose the wands, as they are magical, so they also choose their owner.

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