A complete guide on how to choose the folding bikes

This article is meant to help you understand whether folding bikes are the right option for you; while doing so, decide which kind is finest for your requirements. 

With that said, let’s take a look at three key decision pointers of whether one needs the folding bike or a full-sized bike and how do you go about it.

1.Question yourself if you need a folding bike 

It’s indeed the first thing one needs to consider. And the key to making sure you’ve no concerns is knowing precisely what you’re buying and exactly why you’re purchasing it. Many individuals inquire for guidance on buying the folding bike under the delusion that it’s cheaper than the normal bike, which is not the case.

Think of what you wish to use the bike for you who plans to travel with it or do the fun ride in your nearby park? Are you someone who’s hoping to go on a long ride distance or go off-road when you require to? All these questions will let you know whether you even require a folding bike at all. The moment it comes to these cycles, understanding and learning what you need to use that bicycle will help you pinpoint the model that will suit you the best. 

2.Consider if you require any particular sizing

Obviously, not every bike goes on to fit the most riders; the same happens to go for both full-sized and folding bikes. Several folding bikes are expected to have flexible and adjustable parts for the variety of rider heights. However, this strategy that manufacturers happen to take isn’t foolproof. One may love the technology and design of a specific brand, but that might not be the best fit for one’s size-wise.

Make The Checklist For The Shortlist

Here are some other factors that’ll make the job of opting for your bike easier:-

  • Price:

 Price plays a huge role in anything you plan to purchase for yourself, and the same is the case with folding bikes. Thus, you need to decide wisely as to what suits you the best as per your bank balance.

  • Folding mechanism: 

The most known and popular mechanism is the mid or half horizontal folding variety (Dahon, Java, Tern), though this design goes on to put stress on a frame with regular usage or while carrying the heavy loads. 

  • Weight: 

It’ll greatly decide how much effort is needed to ride a bike and if you can transport or move easily.

Well, these were some of the significant factors one has to consider, no matter what! However, there are other minor factors you may also take a look at-

  • Ease of transport
  • Suspension
  • Wheel size
  • Availability

If you are Looking for a foldable bike Singaporethis guide will be of huge help. To know further, you may look over the web.

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