What Do We Need To Know About The Launch Of uTorrent Web By BitTorrent?

There are plenty of torrent clients present on the internet, and they are all best for the work that we do. If we keep looking for the best one, we can land a torrent client that gives us suitable features and allows us to make quick downloads. But as we know, there is a torrent client known as uTorrent Web, which BitTorrent itself handles; how can we not use it?

Do not compare the uTorrent application that we use with uTorrent Web as they are both not the same thing at all. The name suggests “web” with it, but yes, you will still have to download and install the newly launched client, i.e. uTorrent Web! Intrigued enough? Get More Info here!

What is BitTorrent?

Now let’s know about the host first. BitTorrent is an infamous peer to peer software that is also a sharing protocol related to piracy. Yes, it is a platform that allows people to download the content that has a copyright on it. That is also a reason people also use the best VPN along with this platform. 

But! BitTorrent is a company too. Yes, it surely is a protocol of sharing, but it is also a company. And that company is the one that holds both BitTorrent and uTorrent under it. There are a lot of people who have been using the beta version of uTorrent for years now, and they will keep on using it too. But now, after years, the most stable version of that beta version is here to blow the minds!

Let’s get to know about the uTorrent Web some more!

  • uTorrent Web is the stable version of the beta version that we have been using before. 
  • The Web version is like a normal BitTorrent client as it can allow the user to not only download or play the media but more things. It can allow the people to play and watch the file BEFORE they have finished the download. It is also a bit like streaming so that the person doesn’t have to wait for it to download and then watch it. 
  • Once you have installed the Web version of uTorrent, it will allow the user to open torrent or the links to magnets of downloading right in the browser window too. This way, we can search for the content in the web search box. Once we put in the search, the application will redirect the user to the browser. 
  • The downloads have become so fast, and we can get to do all the work without feeling like lagging at all. People are often in need of having the subtitles of the things they are watching. But with the help of this version, people will be able to get those in seconds too. The Web will provide the subtitles according to the file, and we can use them while watching the media. 
  • We can make uTorrent Web the default client of torrent without any hassle or lag. The application settings are so easy, and we can do that with just a little bit of knowledge of tech. The user can pick the language they want to type in, they can set their default download folder, and they can also select if they want to open a new tab always. 

There are so many new things that we can get in this stable version of uTorrent Web, and it is far better than the beta version. People love using the full-fledged versions, and when it comes to this, it will be an amazing journey for all!

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