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The religions followed by people worldwide are inter-related, which makes them connected in some way. The temple mentioned in the Bible is present in real-life in South Korea. Many people wanted to visit the Shincheonji temple to look at the marvelous place with their eyes. The detailing of the temple that has been mentioned in the Bible has been made just like that.

What was the condition of Shincheonji before Lee explored it?

It was 1984 when Lee founded the religious movement called Shincheonji to spread it across South Korea and other countries. Then, tribes associated with the religious movement were introduced, exploring new things and ideas for the followers. Some false practices also took place when people wanted to get in a tribe of their choice. At first, the tribes could not function properly because of the wrong means to win against other tribes. Lee had several experiences related to religion which helped him clear his mind. This is not the first time a person has come forward and interpreted the Bible. Different people played a major role in improving religious thinking. Not many people knew about this religious movement. Lee used this as a motivation and learned about it from different places to show it to the world. 

What are Lee’s views on the Trinity in the Bible?

Trinity has been mentioned in Shincheonji scripts a lot of times. This has made people believe that the Trinity has been brought from the Bible. Trinity is only stated for the concept without actually using the term. Lee was motivated in using the right views and ideas from the Bible. This helped him bring biblical ideas into the religious movement. The first view regarding the Trinity is the unity in God. 

This idea was picked up from the old covenant, which included a lot of orthodox ideas. In the church of Jesus, a lot of emphasis has been put on the oneness of God. In Lee’s views of the Bible, Trinity’s concept has been taken in the wrong way. They have only used the concept to make it sound biblical. Lee wanted to update the religious belief in people by using the Trinity concept but understanding the concept for people nowadays.

Why did the leader of Shincheonji get arrested recently?

Over the last few months, the cases of coronavirus have increased a lot. This has spread a lot of tension among the people in different countries. South Korea has not shown positive changes in the coronavirus situation. The legal authorities, along with the medical department, arrested the leader of the Shincheonji by blaming him for spreading cases frequently in South Korea. \

Despite getting blamed for such a serious crime, Lee stated that he wanted to keep the details of the followers safe from any third-party. He has been kept in jail after getting the warrant for his name. The religious movement followers believe in their leaders and are waiting for a piece of good news. 

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