Types of materials used for making watch straps

The watch straps are counted as one of the man-thing in the fashion of a person. These straps come in various designs and colors and are also made up of different materials. For some special groups of individuals, these are designed separately from the ordinary ones. As for the pilots, there are aviator straps that are specially designed to save their wrists from every weather condition. These straps look like a very small thing but play a very important role.

Earlier, people don’t care about these straps; they just wanted a watch that shows time to them. But, with the evolution of every other thing in the world, people started to care about the watches and n the watches also there are so many types. Nowadays, there are smartwatches launched by so many companies which have so many features in them. With these watches, people also have started buying different types of straps which will match their clothes. There are several types of materials in which these straps are made. Let’s discuss some of them.


Leather straps are a very common type of straps. These straps are very good and comfortable to wear. These straps are also inexpensive as compared to the other straps like bracelets, etc. With the invention of the wristwatches, leather was the first material sued to make the straps. There are so many types of leathers in which these straps are made. It is dependent on the people which kind of leather they love to wear and is suitable for them. The leather strap is durable and strong as compared to the rubber and silicon straps. These straps are also not get torn easily as they are made of the animal’s skin. 

There are some of the common leathers with which these straps are made. Let’s discuss them.

  • Calfskin

Calfskin mainly consists of the skin of crocodiles and snakes. These calfskin leathers are in so much demand, and most of the MNCs make the straps of their watches with them. There is a term in the leather named as new buck. The new buck means the new skin. The leather, which is made up of new skin, this type of leather is expensive as compared to calfskin, and the quality of this leather is its softness and velvety, which is similar to suede. 

  • Alligator Leather

Alligator leather or crocodile leather is used the most. This leather is pasted to the dial as a little above from the bottom of the dial. These straps are quite expensive as compared to the other leathers. This leather is more comfortable, flexible, and durable as compared to the previous leather. 

  • Kudu Leather

This leather is made up of the skin of antelope’s skin. These antelope are found in native Africa. This leather is very hard to wear and is very resilient. This leather also has good durability. The antelopes there are hunted to control the population there, and with the hunting of them, they started using their skin to make things like straps. 


The metal bracelets are there also, which is also a kind of watch band. These bracelets are mostly used for a formal look. These are very durable and can go on for even decades. These bracelets are made up of so many metals like titanium, bronze, gold, etc. In most watches, the bracelets are of stainless steel. These metals will get scratches on them, but it is hard to break them, and they are also quite expensive as compared to rubber or any other soft material. There are so many metals with which these straps are made; let’s discuss them.

  • Stainless steel

This is the most common metal used to make the bracelets. In almost every bracelets based watch, you will find this metal as it is inexpensive, and its maintenance is also very low. These bracelets are heavy in nature, and a person can’t wear them for too long in the beginning. These watches are also made bulky and stylish. In some watches, this metal is also colored with some classy colors like black, rose gold, etc. But, this metal is not weather-friendly as at a warm place, it will get warm and will burn your skin, and in the cold, it will get cold and give your wrist a cold sensation. 

  • Titanium

Titanium is like stainless steel, but it is of good quality and is also more durable than the stainless steel. The titanium is expensive as compared to the stainless steel. Titanium strap is mostly worn by the people who do heavy work. Looking at its features, we can imagine that it will be cumbersome, but it is not as it is very lightweight.

  • Gold

Gold is one of the expensive metals which is used as the jewelry by most of the people around the world. The durability of gold is very good, but its maintenance cost is a bit high as compared to the other metals. These gold straps are made on the order, and only the wealthy people can afford this. The gold straps look very classy as compared to the other metals as gold itself has a status that’s why it is called as precious. 

  • Rubber

Rubber is meant to be a metal as earlier the rubber straps were uncomfortable to wear, and it is also non-breathable. But, in the present situation, the rubber straps are changed a lot because of the technology. The rubber straps these days are of flexible nature and also comes in so many different colors and styles. The apple watch series 3 bands have the finest rubber used in it, and people love to wear it.


Wearing a watch will definitely possible with a suitable strap. These straps come in different variants, and it is totally dependent on the person who is going to buy a watch. The material of these straps have been discussed above, which were Leather, Calfskin, Alligator Leather, Kudu Leather, Metal, Stainless steel, Titanium, Gold, and Rubber.

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