Great Workout Tips For Building Muscle – Learn About The Tips

When designing your muscle workout, it is critical that you understand the fundamentals of building muscle. Once you become familiar with these concepts, building muscle will become a much quicker and less frustrating process.

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One of the best muscle gaining methods is to focus on working out with compound exercises. These exercises, such as dead lifts and bench presses require you to move at more than one joint when lifting, allowing the use of heavier weights when compared to single joint exercises. This saves you time in the gym, whilst also targeting greater amounts of muscle fibres. Additionally, due to greater amounts of muscle mass being employed in compound exercises, your body will also enjoy the added benefit of producing more naturally occurring growth hormones such as testosterone.

Your muscle building workouts will also benefit from lifting with high intensity. Fundamentally, training results are maximised when the stimulus applied to your system is very intense; so ensure you perform exercises at the maximum potential effort. This means pushing your reps as close as possible to muscle failure. Maximum effort is reached when you repeat each set of exercises until you cannot perform an additional rep without assistance. These high intensity workouts are guaranteed to result in rapid strength and muscle gains, but it is vitally important to continually challenge your body.

You will only put on new muscle if your body is subjected to progressively higher amounts of stress over a period of time. For example if you lift the same weight, for the same number of reps in the same manner for the next year, you won’t change or improve in any meaningful way. However, if you extend the stimulus being placed on your body by increasing the resistance or number of reps, your body will have no other option but to continue improving to adapt to these changes. These adaptations include more muscle, greater strength and less body fat.

Recovery is also a very important part of your training program. Resistance training breaks your body down. It subsequently rebuilds to become bigger and stronger, only if you get sufficient amounts of rest. To achieve this, make sure you train for no more than three to four workouts per week, with a day of rest in between each training day. It is very important to remember that you only get stronger and build muscle whilst resting, and not during your actual workouts.

So in conclusion, make sure you train with compound exercises, with maximum intensity, and continue to challenge yourself. This regime, combined with plenty of rest will ensure you experience rapid improvements in your quest to build muscle.

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