4 Best Tips For PUBG Mobile

PUBG mobile with millions of active players all across the globe is one of the most popular games on the mobile platform. When it comes to PUBG mobile the concept of the game is quite simple as you just have to survive till the end by all means.

However, as you start playing the game, you get a lot of input from the game along with different in-game items making it difficult for you to understand what’s going on. Although, with playerunknown’s battlegrounds cheap account players that are familiar with the basics of the game can save a lot of time as with these accounts they get access to tons of skins and in-game items in no time. Coming back to the tips for PUBG mobile, here are some of the best tips for a sure-shot chicken dinner.

  • Understand The Blue Zone

If you do not have proper ammunition and guns while enemies are lurking just outside the blue zone, it is better that you take the long route and avoid them. Initially, the blue zone is not going to deal with that much damage, which makes it easier for you to avoid players in the early part of the game when you do not have enough firepower.

  • Understanding Different Places To Hide

Just like building and mountain tops, using different terrains is also a good way through which you can fight your enemies while keeping yourself safe in cover. However, there are several disadvantages to it as well, since you are firing in the open any team passing by can easily kill you if you are in their field of vision.

Moreover, a well-placed grenade can easily end your run. Considering all this, as a player make sure that you choose your hideouts properly and make the best use of them.

  • Level 3 Helmet And Vest

For complete domination over other players, you do need a level 3 helmet and vest. This is why, as you search for loot always choose level 3 helmets and vests as they offer maximum protection in the game. However, if you have been through a fight and the other player manages to damage your helmet or vest, make sure that you replace it with the best possible option available.

You might have to do this manually in PUBG mobile as the auto pickup feature will choose a damaged level 3 helmet over a fresh level 2 helmet. This is also applicable to level 3 vests as well, moreover, there only a 50 point difference between level 2 and level 3 vests in PUBG mobile which is why players should always keep an eye on their stats.

  • Playing At The Edge

If you are not interested in fighting with other players till the very end, the most effective way to avoid fighting is to stay at the edges of the circle. Since most of the players out there prefer to stay at the center of the zone, there are fewer chances of conflict like that. However, as soon as there are ~20 players in the game you should switch your strategy and try to conquer the center or a building at some safe location.


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