Organize Your Friends Using Facebooks Interest Lists Feature

Feel like your Facebook News Feed is out of control? Wish there were an easier way to follow your friends on Facebook? Well, help is here with Facebook’s Interest Lists feature that is analyzed by Voy Media to help all the Facebook users.

Facebook Interest Lists are similar to Twitter lists and allow you more control over your newsfeed and what you see. Since you can create more than one list, you can group friends together by interests, business, hobbies, family, etc. You can even make the list public or private.

Currently, the option to create Facebook Interest lists is for your Profile (personal) page only. It is not for your Timeline Business page.

In addition to being able to create an Interest list, you can also subscribe to other’s Interest list if it is a public list.

How to Create Facebook Interest Lists:

From your NewsFeed/Home page

Go to the left sidebar

Scroll to the bottom to “Interests” (if it’s not listed you may need to click ‘More”)

When you see your Interest link, there are two options: Subscriptions and Add Interests. You’ll want to click on Add Interests.

Once you click “add Interests” you have two options: Create a list OR Add Interests. You’ll click on Create A list.

From here you can customize your list. You can make choices to add friends, pages you Like or even add subscriptions you’ve subscribed to.

Facebook also includes a list of topics on the left side and when you click on one of the topics other people and pages will come into view.

Name your Interest List:

When you’ve completed your list, you will be given the option to name the list. Once you’ve named your list you can choose to make the list public or private. For generating the most business exposure, choose the public. Choosing the public allows viewers to view and subscribe to your lists. If you’ve created a personal list of family and close friends, you may want to choose private…for your viewing only.

How To Edit Your List:

Should you need to edit your list, open your list and go to the top right corner of the screen to “Manage list”. Here you will have several options to choose from for how you want to view your list and updates.

How to View Your Interest List:

From your Facebook Home page, go to Interests on the left sidebar, click on the name of your list. Your newsfeed changes to revealing only the most recent posts of those listed on your list.

To return to your normal newsfeed stream, simply click Home on the upper right blue toolbar.

Creating Interest Lists is a great way to keep up with those you don’t want to miss!

Have you created an Interest List on Facebook? How would you use an Interest List with your newsfeed? Drop down to Reply below and let me know your answers. I’m like to hear from you!


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