Aggressive Cat Behavior Can Be Fixed

Those who love cats always say that cats are wonderful pets. They usually praise them for being loving, caring animals who are never short of affection. Others are drawn to cats for their personality. Unfortunately, some cats can act aggressively and be less lovable in the process. If a cat has developed sudden aggressive behavior, it is vital that you nip the problem in the bud and deal with it.

It depends from breed to breed because cats are anyhow moody in nature compared to dogs simply because they love being pampered and spoiled by the womenfolk of the household, which is why they are prone to throw tantrums if their demands are not met similar to a small child and you can read over here in this article what it takes to handle cats of aggressive nature and whip them in shape.

All aggressive cat behavior is not the same. Sometimes aggression can be a sign that a cat is in great pain. Beware of sudden unusual biting and scratching from a previously sweet and non-aggressive cat. It could be that this sudden aggressive cat behavior is you cat’s way of telling you he is in severe pain.

It’s very common for to manifest itself in play aggression. Typically the owner incites this behavior by riling up his cat. Wrestling with a kitten can be fun, but as the kitten grows it usually doesn’t understand that it can hurt you and will still attempt to wrestle. Strangers who witness this behavior are often shocked or horrified, and it is this that gives cats a bad name. De-clawing your cat may stop the scratching, but you’ve only treated the symptom and not the real problem. Try to give them a new hobby instead of wrestling, like playing with toys and dangling playthings. Loudly clapping your hands can stop a cat in its tracks when it is about to attack.

When a cat is backed into a corner, it is on the defense. Sometimes the cat may become violent when it’s been over stimulated and can misbehave if it feels anxious or afraid. When something like this happens, it is the owner’s job to recognize the warning signs of the cat so it can be safely removed from the situation. Every now and then, the aggression may be misplaced when a cat sees something through the window that upsets him; it may act aggressively towards you instead. If this happens, the cat may react with a growl or hiss and will most likely need a break.

Other types of include maternal, dominance, and territorial. Cats with kittens are usually very protective of them, and it is up to the owner to respect the maternal instincts of the cat and not threaten the kittens. Dominance is much more complex, and often the only way to treat it is to ignore the cat until the behavior subsides. Territorial behavior must be stopped immediately by separating the cats into separate locations immediately. Make life boring for the cats and the behavior often will disappear.

The most important thing to remember is that punishment will never fix aggressive behavior. If you feel you need help or their might be a deeper cause to the problem, you should look to a for help. Whisperers have a good knowledge of cats and they relate to them very well, like a therapist. You can find some online that can give you advice. However, for very difficult cases, it might be best to get a whisperer to come to your home.

Cats make wonderful pets, but some cats have a tendency to exhibit . Playful aggression is common in cats, and may surprise bystanders, but is usually not a serious problem. Cats that feel themselves to be under attack may suddenly turn violent, and it is up to the owner to prevent this . Maternal, territorial, and dominance aggression are typical forms of aggression displayed by cats at different times for different reasons. A feline therapist, or , can help you to understand and correct your cat’s aggressiveness.

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