How to Adjust Your Fashion with Your Underwear

You had dressed well and used the modest fashion at that time, but you asked yourself why there were so many people watching you with curious look? What was wrong with your style?

Perhaps there were nothing wrong with your clothes, but there were something unusual in the way you were wearing it. Did you wear a proper underwear? Did your clothes suit your body? In order to handle the situation, maybe you would need to evaluate your way of wearing your underwear.

When you use a semi-transparent white coloured shirt, try not to use a white or black coloured bra. Wear a bra with your skin colour or brown bra. This choice of bra will not expose what is inside your shirt because believe me that you would not want many colourful lines in your beautiful shirt. This strategy is also aplicable when you wear a white trousers. Try not to wear a white coloured underpant or underpant with strawberry motif because it would not be elegant at all.

Other tips for your underwear is try not to wear a too tight underwear. Trousers that expose your underpant lines or a back which expose ‘fat’ that spilled out around your bra’s string are totally not a good scene. If you didn’t have a skinny body shape, you would better not use a too tight t-shirt. Believe me, you would still look gorgeous even without those tight clothes.

Panty-free jeans. This point means that while using a jeans with low-hip style, try to use a bikini underpant to prevent your underpant being exposed from your jeans. A lowhip style jeans will be a good match for blouse or shirt which doesn’t expose your hip. You will need to remember that while you were sitting, your jeans would be stretched down. You don’t want anyone stare at your butt, don’t you

Unless your hip is as sexy as Jennifer Anniston, you better not try to wear your legging with short-sized shirt. This match will be even worse if your legging was green or red coloured. In conclusion, if you don’t have a sexy and wonderful body, you better not try to expose your unecessary part of body. A shirt that cover half of your limb will cover your hip well.

If you are confused about the shape and size of your hip and other body parts, you can find wholesale clothing in the UK with some interesting fashion offers that even Jennifer Anniston can’t refuse.

While wearing a halter-style shirt, you better wear a strapless bra, or stringless bra. Because a halter which getting smaller on the upper part will surely expose your bra strings. In wearing this type of cloth, you have to wear bra which is really fit on you and try not to wear this kind of cloth when a lot of movement is needed. If you wear a halter cloth which is wide enough on the upper side, you can try to wear a sport bra with a crossed strings. By doing this, your back will be free from bra’s strings.

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