Enjoy The Best In Vaping With White Cloud E-Cigarettes

White Cloud E-Cigarettes is one of the best known and best quality brands on the market today. It may cost a bit more to get started with White Cloud than with lesser known brands, but the old adage that cautions that you get exactly what you pay for has never been more true. White Cloud delivers high quality from start to finish in terms of style, customer service, product performance and overall satisfaction.

Smokers have been flocking to e cigs ever since they were introduced over ten year ago. Without a doubt they are the best and safest smoking alternative. E cigs provide users with a measured amount of nicotine that they control. Additionally, they allow the user to maintain all of the habits connected with smoking but leave the 4000 carcinogens and toxins tobacco cigarettes deliver behind. A smoker can put down cigarettes and pick up e cigs without a moment’s hesitation. This is very different from nicotine replacement therapies such as gum, lozenges and patches that require the smoker to change his or her habits.

It is important to realize that smoking tobacco is inherently harmful, but vaping with e cigs is, at worst, substantially less harmful. At best, it is completely harmless. Tobacco cigarettes are tubes of flaming tobacco containing thousands upon thousands of harmful ingredients. Electronic cigarettes contain four simple ingredients. They are vegetable glycerin and/or food grade propylene glycol, food grade flavoring, water and pharmaceutical grade nicotine (which is optional). While nicotine is certainly not harmless, it is the least harmful substance found in tobacco cigarettes. It is a stimulant, not a carcinogen. With e cigs, the user can select the amount to include and can gradually reduce that amount to none at all. Without nicotine, e cigs are nothing but a harmless pastime. E liquid uk and other vape products are now on the rise and willing to replace traditional tobacco. Hence, in the coming years, a lot of smokers are expected to turn into these products because it is way safer.

With White Cloud e cigarettes, users can enjoy abundant, clean, fresh, tasty vapor that is extremely satisfying. This vapor is harmless and nearly undetectable to those around the user. Using an electronic cigarette is not the same as smoking, and users can enjoy them in just about any setting without bothering anyone. These devices produce no flame or smoke. They are powered by a rechargeable, recyclable lithium ion battery which heats an atomizer/cartridge (cartomizer) filled with e liquid. This is how the vapor is produced.

White Cloud e cigs satisfy all the desires associated with smoking and provide a hobby and pastime that enriches the lives of users. The product comes with a fine selection of accessories in a great number of styles for affordable prices. This helps make vaping fun and interesting and can help vapers redirect their smoking habit to a new and harm free interest.

White Cloud e cigs provide greater value than most brands because they use a different type of battery. Their C3X battery is made in the United States and delivers as many as 600 puffs per charge. Most batteries deliver about 300 puffs. Six hundred puffs equals two packs of tobacco cigs. Chain smokers and heavy smokers will find the C3X battery very convenient because a single charge will last all day long.

As with all good brands of e cigs, White Cloud offers smokers respite from the terrible smoking smell that lingers around all smokers. When you vape with e cigs, you will have fresher breath, and you will literally breathe easier. White Cloud excels in terms of flavor. Many vapers say that cheap e cigs leave a bad taste in the mouth, but you will never experience that with White Cloud. The reason for this is that the company exacts very strict standards in quality control. All components are designed and made in the USA under strict production standards. This results in quality that outshines all other brands.

One very unique aspect of White Cloud is the Vapor Stack. With this design, the heating coil is in the middle of the cartomizer. This placement provides unobstructed e liquid flow to the heating coil. Because of this, there is no danger of overheating (which can cause a burnt plastic taste in lesser brands). Heating of the e liquid is instantaneous and results in thick clouds of tasty, satisfying vapor. It is easy to vape with White Cloud. The draw is easy, and the battery never gets too hot to hold as often happens with cheap e cigs.

Whether you are just starting out as a vaper or have been vaping for some time and want an upgrade, White Cloud is the perfect choice. The company offers the best in quality and value in a wide selection of well designed starter kits. Free yourself from slavery to tobacco with White Cloud E Cigs!

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